The Following Season 1 Finale: “The Final Chapter”

Kevin BaconSo this season has been a long and winding road. Some of it was definitely better than others, but The Following started off with a bang and ended much the same way. As much as I was sure, three episodes ago, that I’d probably never watch this show again, the finale changed my mind. I must know where things go from here!

Hardy… Dude, running off after you tell your people to cover you… You’re lucky you didn’t get shot by friendly fire. And forgive me if I think them picking up that sniper was waaaay too easy. Though, I have to say, you’d think Carroll’s people would stop assuming that Hardy is FBI. I mean, I guess he was back in the day and that’s how Carroll idolized him (or whatever you want to call it) so maybe that’s where their confusion comes in. Either way, that was a particularly brutal beating and, strangely enough, more difficult to watch than what Roderick did to Weston.

And when he just straight shot that guy in the face—yeah, that was pretty epic. It’s not lost on me that I found myself cheering for the hero to straight murder some people when he’s chasing down people who murder other people. A little bit of irony there, no? Also, I totally get why he left Weston behind. Everyone around him keeps dropping like flies, and he has a chance to actually save Weston (after he was supposed to die, but still).

James PurefoySide note: Carroll uses more ellipses in his book than I do in my blog posts. Shaking my head, Carroll. Shaking my head.

I really loved the scenes between Emma and Hardy previously, and this was no exception. They have a certain chemistry that’s riveting. She’s a woman who’s lost everything but the man she’s obsessed with, all by her own hand. Not exactly a chick with a lot to lose. I liked seeing her all cold and in control again.

Debra. Have to say, being buried alive is one of my biggest fears. I blame Mary Higgins Clark. So to be stuck in a coffin with only a phone call out to the people who probably won’t get there in time… That’s terrifying. And seeing everyone’s face as she kind of rasped out for them to call her sister, and for Hardy not to blame himself… Good lord. That might have been the most tense I’ve been all season. Brutal. Just brutal. I cannot say this enough – I AM SO UPSET SHE DIED! She was probably my favorite lady character—next to Emma of course—and to have HER killed off in such a terrible way… Not okay. I don’t care that it was the thing that FINALLY pushed Hardy over the edge. I’m not okay with it. I refuse to be okay with it. Which is probably the point. The fact I care about her so much and am pretty freaking torn up over her death is a testament to how great this show is overall.

Kevin Bacon digging

I love how Carroll’s just pretty much fed up with Claire. “Just shut up.” FINALLY someone said it! And her self pitying crying… ENOUGH, CLAIRE. Your husband murdered a bunch of people. The wife is always the last to know. Just enough. Stop whimpering and get back to the woman who stabbed him TWICE. When he pointed out the whole being stabbed twice to Hardy—priceless. He also has a point about Claire’s poor taste in men.

It was kind of a fascinating conversation between Hardy and Carroll regarding love at first sight and Hardy’s kind of stalker tendencies. I loved that Carroll pointed out the he and Hardy had a connection similar to Carroll and Claire and Hardy and Claire. Love at first sight, indeed.

Though, for all the crap Carroll did and put us through… Dying in an explosion? REALLY? I mean, I’m assuming he’s dead because I don’t see how Carroll, who is already probably dying of the wound Claire gave him (and made worse), was going to survive. Not to mention there’s the whole “confirming the remains” thing. That said, who the hell knows with this show?

And OH MY GOD. What an ending. WHAT AN ENDING. They think they’re safe and things are great and, oh hey, let’s kiss, and then BAM! Molly. Just… Wow. Well played, The Following, well played.

Please, please, PLEASE tell me that the second season is going to be centered around Molly. PLEASE!

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  1. Doreen Sheridan

    I’m still traumatized over what happened to Jacob, so the thing with Parker felt like a body blow. But I straight up cheered when Molly stabbed Claire. I felt like I’d been waiting all season for that.

    I don’t think Joe died: they panned around the boathouse and there was zero reason for Joe to have gone there apart from staging his death (and James Purefoy is too good an actor to have spent most of that scene smirking with a know-it-all expression in his eyes if it was really Joe’s death scene.) Of course, a friend pointed out that the show might pull an American Horror Story on us and just start fresh with a new cast. That would be both refreshing and a bit disappointing; unless Emma shows up, then all is forgiven.

  2. Allison Brennan

    Brilliant show and ending. I loved Parker, too, but it would have been a cop out if she survived.

  3. Saundra Peck

    This show had me when they said it would be a dark series with Kevin Bacon….could not resist!!! I was not convinced Parker was not a Follower, so that was very intense for me until she was actually dead. As for Joe being dead, no way I believe it. I think it is ON!!! And I cannot wait! I do hope that Claire DOES get the brutal guts that Ryan finally found…. Her stabbing Joe over and over again is such poetic justice! Love it and want some more of it NOW! With plenty of Emma and now Molly.

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