The End of Mary Shannon is In Plain Sight

Marshall Mann (Fred Weller) with Mary Shannon (Mary McCormack) and mini-marshal-marshallWhen we last left one of our favorite feds, witness specialist, U.S. Marshal Mary Shannon, she was: protecting an annoying con artist (normal nonsense), in a daring gun battle and escape (damn neo-Nazis), attending her sister’s wedding (nerves made that a no-go) and going into labor (oh, no—not yet!).

Today, USA Network announced a March 16th premiere for the final 8-episode fifth season of In Plain Sight, a series that’s made a bunch of fans around here.

As Matt Webb Mitovich of TV|Line muses:

Can Mary balance motherhood with a demanding profession or will she put her baby up for adoption?   Will Marshall finally be truthful about his feelings for Mary, or can he make his relationship with Abigail (Rachel Boston) work?  What will come of Brandi and Peter?  After opening up her heart to only a few men in the past, will Mary ever fall in love again?  And the question that has haunted Mary her entire life — where is the father that abandoned her?”

Dang, that’s a lot of questions to answer in eight weeks.

UPDATE: If you’d like to see a little bit (pun intended) of how these final episodes of In Plain Sight are turning out, look here!

UPDATED UPDATE: And now *sob* we’re talking about the In Plain Sight series finale.


  1. Heather Waters (redline_)

    Can’t wait to find out the answers to those questions, but I am worried that eight episodes just isn’t enough time to do it all justice–especially since I ‘ship Mary/Marshall and would love to see them together romantically by the end.

  2. Mary Saputo

    Dang, dang, dang, dang. Another one bites the dust. We had conversations last season about what kind of mother Mary would make and what she would say to her baby. It seems we get a good program and they cancel it. I’ll be sorry to see it go.

  3. Louise Partain

    Mary, we hardly knew ye! My husband and I noticed this one became a plug in for USA’s short seasons. Mary/Marshall is a hook-up I would like to see before the show winds down. Part of the problem is the show can’t go anywhere after they finally do get together. So will we get a five year after reunion? Anyway, I’ll watch the final episodes with tissue box at the ready.

  4. Terrie Farley Moran

    Oooooh Nooooo! Why doesn’t anyone ever ask ME before they take shows off the air?? First Memphis Blues and now this. Bitsy08 got it right. If we have a good show that provides thoughtful plots and strong characters–poof–there goes In Plain Sight. If we have a good show that is light hearted, without being cozy and with nicely paced character dvelopment–poof–there goes Memphis Blues. Well at least this gives Mary and Marshall a chance to be together.

  5. Nana

    Can we go somewhere to voice our opinions that MIGHT make a difference to the network? I really enjoy this show and I can’t say that about much on TV anymore.

  6. rriom

    I have to stop liking some shows so much – it seems to be the kiss of death for them ! This is a good and original show – good lord, there aren’t many others left….

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