The Edible Book Festival: an Event to Sink Your Teeth Into

Thanks to our wonderful tweep Keira Soleore, I have learned about something that next year will force me to vacation in Seattle: The Edible Book Festival. Dear gods and goddesses, a combination of my two favorite things, food and books!

The categories of foodie bookish delight?

  • Most Pun-derful
  • Most Drop-dead Gorgeous
  • Most Delectably Appetizing
  • Best Young Edible Artist (K-12)
  • Best in Show

Big bread dragon in a lake of fondue.You gotta love any festival that has a category chock full of puns! Naturally, best sellers like Harry Potter showed up, but so did classics like Call of the Wild and A Farewell to Arms. And The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo provided fodder for two punning artists: The Girl with the Dragon Fondue, at left, and Grilled with a Dragon Tattoo, above.

Check out Keira’s site for pictures of more entries. Me, I think I’ll go find a book and some breakfast.

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