The Dark Tower Reread

The Dark Tower I: The Gunslinger

Section Date
Chapter 1: The Gunslinger 9/6
Chapter 2: The Way Station 9/13
Chapter 3: The Oracle and the Mountains 9/20
Chapter 4: The Slow Mutants 9/27
Chapter 5: The Gunslinger and the Man in Black 10/4

The Dark Tower II: The Drawing of the Three

Section Date
Prologue – The Prisoner, Chapter 2: “Eddie Dean” 10/11
The Prisoner, Chapter 3: “Contact and Landing” – The Prisoner, Chapter 5: “Showdown and Shootout” 10/18
Shuffle – The Lady of Shadows, Chapter 1: “Detta and Odetta” 10/25
The Lady of Shadows, Chapter 2: “Ringing the Changes” – Reshuffle 11/1
The Pusher, Chapter 1: “Bitter Medicine” – The Pusher, Chapter 3: “Roland Takes His Medicine” 11/8
The Pusher, Chapter 4: “The Drawing” – Final Shuffle 11/15

The Dark Tower III: The Waste Lands

Section Date
I. Bear and Bone 11/22
II. Key and Rose 11/29
III. Door and Demon 12/6
IV. Town and Ka-tet 12/13
V. Bridge and City 12/20
VI. Riddle and Waste Lands 1/3

The Dark Tower IV: Wizard and Glass

Section Date
Riddles 1/10
Susan, Chapter 1: “Beneath the Kissin Moon” – Susan, Chapter 4: “Long After Moonset” 1/17
Susan, Chapter 5: “Welcome to Town” – Chapter 7: “On the Drop” 1/24
Susan, Chapter 8: “Beneath the Peddler's Moon” – Interlude: “Kansas, Somewhere, Somewhen” 1/31
Come, Reap, Chapter 1: “Beneath the Huntress Moon” – Chapter 4: “Roland and Cuthbert”  2/7
Come, Reap, Chapter 5: “Wizard's Rainbow” – Chapter 7: “Taking the Ball” 2/14
Come, Reap, Chapter 8: “The Ashes” – Chapter 9: “Reaping” 2/21
Come, Reap, Chapter 10: “Beneath the Demon Moon (II)” 2/28
All God's Chillun Got Shoes 3/7

The Dark Tower VIII: The Wind Through the Keyhole

Section Date
Starkblast – The Skin-Man (Part 1) 3/14
The Wind Through the Keyhole 3/21
The Skin-Man (Part 2) – Storm's Over 3/28

The Dark Tower V: Wolves of the Calla

Section Date
Prologue – Part One Todash, IV: “Palaver” 4/4
Part One Todash, V: “Overholser” – Part One Todash, VII: “Todash” 4/11
Part Two Telling Tales, I: “Pavilion” – Part Two Telling Tales, III: “The Priest's Tale (New York)” 4/18
Part Two Telling Tales, IV: “The Priest's Tale Continued (Highways in Hiding)” – Part Two Telling Tales, VII: “Nocturne, Hunger” 4/25
Part Two Telling Tales, VIII: “Took's Store; The Unfound Door” – Part Two Telling Tales, IX: “The Priest's Tale Concluded” 5/2
Part Three The Wolves, I: “Secrets” – Part Three The Wolves, II: “The Dogan, Part I” 5/9
Part Three The Wolves, III: “The Dogan, Part 2” – Part Three The Wolves, VI: “Before the Storm” 5/16
Part Three The Wolves, VII: “The Wolves” – Epilogue: “The Doorway Cave” 5/23

The Dark Tower VI: Song of Susannah

Section Date
1st Stanza: “Beamquake” – 5th Stanza: “The Turtle” 5/30
6th Stanza: “The Castle Allure” – 9th Stanza: “Eddie Bites His Tongue” 6/6
10th Stanza: “Susannah-Mio, Divided Girl of Mine” – 11th Stanza: “The Writer” 6/13
12th Stanza: “Jake and Callahan” – Coda: “Pages from a Writer's Journal” 6/20

The Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower

Section Date
PART ONE: The Little Red King, Dan-Tete 6/27
PART TWO: Blue Heaven, Devar-Toi: 1: “The Devar-Tete” – VII: “Ka-Shume 7/4
PART TWO: Blue Heaven, Devar-Toi: VIII: “Notes from the Gingerbread House” – XII: “The Tet Breaks” 7/11
PART THREE: In this Haze of Green and Gold, Ves'-Ka Gan 7/18
PART FOUR: The White Lands of Empathica, Dandelo 7/25
PART FIVE: The Scarlet Field of Can'-Ka No Rey – CODA: Found 8/1