The Clothes of a “Predator”

More than 1,000 teeth were put into these shoes!
More than 1,000 teeth were put into these shoes!
We’ve seen some pretty strange fashion decisions at Crime HQ (thankfully through the Internet and not through our own office). We’ve heard about “killer” shoes and Jason Voorhees designer masks, but this latest fashion faux pas seems more fit for a serial killer’s trophy than any runway.

The “Apex Predator Shoes” by designers/artists Mariana Fantich and Dominic Young have dentures for their soles—yes, that’s right, teeth (even if they are fake). On the designers’ website, they say the shoes (and their accompanying suit made out of human hair, bone, glass eyes, and, you guessed it, more teeth) are a statement about apex predators a.k.a. the big bad creatures who are at the top of the food chain. Apparently when you’re at the top of the food chain you need to wear accessories to match the creatures you’ve beaten out to get there.

So what do you think: is this a grand fashion statement or just serial chic?


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