The Closer Countdown: Get Ready for the Final Six Episodes

The Cast of The Closer on TNTWhen you’re not sure who you can trust, Chief, don’t trust anyone.
  —Detective Sanchez to Brenda Leigh Johnson

The end is near my friends. Well, the end of Brenda Leigh Johnson and the fictional Major Crimes unit as we know it. Yes, there will be a spin-off with Mary McDonnell called Major Crimes and most of the gang will stay with the unit. But it won’t be the same. We must ready ourselves for the final six. So grab a Ding-Dong from your big black handbag (Don’t have one? Read on!) and let’s talk about The Closer.

The winter finale seems so long ago. Titled, “Silent Witness,” the episode marked the end of the lawsuit against Brenda, but not to her satisfaction. She never got her day in court. There is now a new rule, named after her, that prohibits the police from releasing suspects they know to be in danger. Brenda was really ticked she didn’t get the chance to clear her name. And it is no small thing that although Brenda is somewhat off the hook, the LAPD admitted some culpability. This isn’t the sort of thing that just goes away in TV-land or real life.

For me the biggest moment in this episode—and the whole winter season—was when Sanchez helped Brenda realize that the leak was still actively helping Goldman and that there was no one on the squad she could trust.

Brenda in her pink trenchcoat.
Thank yew for showing us that detective trenchcoats come in pink, too!
No one.

Reluctantly, she took his advice and followed up on leads herself, finally letting the truth of betrayal sink in. And this episode reveals that Goldman isn’t really a good guy. He will do anything to win his case just as Brenda will do anything to close hers. The question is, as a leader, how do you start trusting your team again once this is all sorted. It’s a problem.

“Silent Witness” is available on TNT, and there’s even a video recap. Go ahead and watch it. We’ll wait for you to come back.

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Now let’s turn to the episodes ahead of us. Here are just a few tidbits to get you back in the LAPD mind-set. There are those who may call the points below ****spoilers**** but others would just call them hints.


Episode one of the final six, which airs Monday, July 9, is called “Hostile Witness.” Here, Brenda finds herself once again up against Philip Stroh, the slick attorney accused by another suspect of a series of rapes in Season 4. Never able to gather enough evidence to arrest him, Brenda has been working on this case at home—devoting an entire room as her somewhat stalker-like crime board. Lack of closure here drives Brenda crazy. It drives me crazy too.

Script for the final episode.
Sneak peeks ahead!
Flynn & Provenza fans will not be disappointed. One of the final six episodes will feature the fabulous Dodger duo and their hijinks. We get to meet Provenza’s ex-wife who needs his help to recover her wedding ring after she sells it to a crooked gold buyer. Because when you’re selling an old wedding ring and you get ripped off, who best to turn to than the ex-husband who gave it to you? And of course, this story wouldn’t be complete without an evidence-eating dog. I’m just waiting for the line, “A dog ate my evidence,” delivered in classic Provenza deadpan. Jon Tenney directed this one, so you can expect great things.

The third episode is called “Drug Fiend” and our heroes investigate the murder of a cancer treatment doctor, which dovetails into the Brenda’s-daddy-has-cancer storyline. This episode promises to be an emotional one as Brenda Leigh, the consummate father’s daughter, tries to cope with her daddy’s illness. 

The second to last episode is called, “Armed Response” and here is where we get our mole. We’ve all been speculating on the leak’s identity based on Major Crimes casting announcements. But maybe it’s all publicity subterfuge . . . (cue dramatic music here).

The last episode is called “Last Rites” and here we get to say goodbye not only to Brenda but also to her loving but wacky parents, Clay and Willie Ray. Brenda breaks new rules in this episode (lest we forget who she is) by ignoring Catholic procedure when a priest is murdered. There is also a scene where work-life balance comes into play—with big ramifications.  

We will be recapping the final six episodes of The Closer and the first episode of Major Crimes right here on Criminal Element. So come back Tuesday morning with your caffeinated beverage of choice and let’s dish on the first episode! For now, let us know why you’re looking forward to the last episodes of The Closer and don’t forget to enter for your chance to win one of Brenda Leigh’s handbags. After all, she’d want yew to have it.

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  1. Saundra Peck

    I refuse to read the “hints” (thanks for the cool warning!) because I intend to savor these final 6 episodes!!! I am addicted to The Closer like Brenda is to chocolate. And, oh Julio….. To watch his progression from a randy flirt to the hero of the show is just one example of all of the beauty of this show and it’s writing. Major Crimes will be awesome, I am sure, but oh how I will miss The Closer!!!

  2. Deborah Lacy

    @sk1336 – Julio’s evolution has been great to watch. Did you see the contest to win Brenda’s handbag?

    Since it was after the spoilers I was afraid you may have missed it and it’s too good to pass up.

  3. Elle

    I was disappointed in the show last night. I expected to see a program about Brenda being Brenda and not a stale courtroom drama with a very annoying DA & defense attorney. I’m tired of the lawsuit episodes. I did see the original episode with Stroh (and hated it), but don’t remember him suing LAPD; Brenda mentioned on last nights show that the “johnson rule” was created because of Stroh’s stalking case against her; I don’t remember that stalking case ever being mentioned. And I thought the johnson rule was created because of the “shootin’ newton” case regarding not releasing suspects they know may be in danger. I hope the last season isn’t going to be focused on various lawsuits against Brenda. It would be a shame to end the series this way.

  4. Deborah Lacy

    @Elle – there was a lot of time spent in the courtroom and re-establishing Stroh. I believe the Johnson Rule was estabished as a result of Shootin’ Newton. I got the impression that she was using the Johnson rule to get the search warrant to GPS his car, but it wasn’t super clear.

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