The Best Crime Books for Non-Crime Readers

Jessica Fellowes wasn't always a crime fiction reader, but thanks to these books, she saw the light. Join her for a criminal reading guide for non-crime readers. Plus, comment for a chance to win her new novel The Mitford Scandal

If you are wondering why crime is such a big genre that doesn’t appeal to you because you prefer fantasy, romance, period drama or because you tried a Poirot once and didn’t get it (this was me, too), these might change your mind. They’re not just crime books—they’re good books.

Best Book for Romance Readers

The Pilot’s Wife by Anita Shreve

Shreve describes the falling apart of a woman’s view of her marriage with taut prose that never fails to whip you along.


Best Book for College Students

A Secret History by Donna Tartt

A masterpiece in crime writing, the backward raveling of a crime committed in a group of wayward, complicated students in New England in the early 1990s.


Best Book for Those Who Like Psychology

The Magus by John Fowles

Epic and intense, set on a small Greek island, this is a book that draws you into a world of psychological games that are hard to escape.


Best Book for Travelers (and Satirists)

The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith

Set in Botswana, once you’ve met Mma Precious Ramotswe, I don’t think you’ll ever want to let her go. Warm and funny, she solves her cases by relying on The Principles of Private Detection, which means McCall Smith gently satirizes the very genre he writes in.

Read Our Review of The Mitford Scandal!

Best Book for Anglophiles

Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death by M.C. Beaton

This is the first in a series dressed up with cozy-looking jackets but Beaton’s writing is sharp and funny. Raisin is a tough former publicist who leaves London to retire in the countryside but is soon meddling in local skulduggery. The grit of modern life lies just below the picture-postcard perfect Cotswolds.


Best Book for Fantasy Lovers

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency by Douglas Adams

There are lots of Adams’ quirks to recognize here, and many of them will appeal to crime fans: philosophical mon bots, mathematical conundrums, aliens and time-travelers.


Best Book for Literary Readers

One Good Turn by Kate Atkinson

Atkinson’s literary credentials are well-established with several books from Behind The Scenes at the Museum to Life After Life, earning heavy-weight prizes and plaudits. Her Jackson Brodie books lack none of her pin-sharp observations in clean prose yet are ripping whodunnits too.


Best Book for Those Who Prefer the Other Side of the Law

Rumpole of the Bailey by John Mortimer

Mortimer’s actress daughter, Emily, is rumoured to be updating the Rumpole books for the screen, and they probably do need it: the eponymous barrister is a wine-drinking, rabidly non-PC lawyer of the old school who calls his wife ‘Her Indoors’. But he also delights in getting one over on snobbish judges who do not live in the real world and his clients, dim-witted lowlifes to a man, are the ones he defends with the sympathetic view that they are not always bad people but live in a world that condemns them to bad choices.

Check out a video of Jessica Fellowes discussing the Mitford Murders Mystery series!

Best Book for Environmentalists

Skin Tight by Carl Hiaasen

I’ve chosen Skin Tight here because it’s probably the one that cracks along at the fastest pace, but almost any of Hiassen’s books would do. In amongst the crime and world-weary policemen are vivid and authentic rages against the institutions that have destroyed the wildlife and waterways of his much-loved Florida.


Best Book for Period Drama Fans

Exposure by Helen Dunmore

With exquisite writing and attention to detail, depicting a marriage struggling in the Cold War, with the excitement of spy secrets and a tightly-wound plot, this is a haunting piece of work.


Best Book for Those Who Say They Don’t Like Agatha Christie

Peril At End House by Agatha Christie

A cracker: short, funny, observant and with Christie’s trademark unguessable ending. Warning: once you start Agatha, it’s quite hard to stop. But this is the only one to start with. (Thanks to Sophie Hannah, a great crime writer herself, who put me on the path to Christie.)

The Mitford Scandal by Jessica Fellowes is the third book in the Mitford Murders series, where lady’s maid Louisa Cannon accompanies Diana Mitford into a turbulent late-1920s Europe.

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  1. John Smith

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    Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women budded my love of reading. I devoured that book like manna and thirsted for more stories just like it.

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    Alexander McCall Smith writes series that are my comfort food. The Ladies detective Agency is my favourite and I love escaping to Africa with Precious!

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  89. Elizabeth

    I’ve read a couple of these books, and I agree; they’re more than just crime.

    Although the first third of THE PILOT’S WIFE is depressing, it is so well written you won’t want to give up on the book. Then it becomes unputdownable.

    Kathryn’s husband, a commercial airline pilot, is killed when his jet explodes over Ireland. So most of the beginning involves her dealings with the airline union and newspaper and TV reporters. She almost comes to depend on one union representative, Robert, in particular.

    When Kathryn finds small clues that something suspicious may have been going on with her husband in England, THE PILOT’S WIFE becomes so suspenseful you may not want to eat or sleep until you finish reading it.

    Anita Shreve is known for her portrayals of strong women. And Kathryn sure is that. She lives through a nightmare that keeps getting worse.

    This was written pre-9/11. I wonder if the story would have been different 10 years later.

    But I can’t speak highly of ONE GOOD TURN.

    ONE GOOD TURN begins with a road rage incident involving one crazy guy beating a man with a baseball bat and another man, a wimpy writer of popular crime novels, knocking the crazy guy down with his laptop computer. From there we meet all sorts of seemingly unrelated characters who all become connected.

    It’s actually a pretty good and simple story. But here’s what I guess happened.

    My guess is that Atkinson had a pretty good short story. Someone (publisher, editor, agent, whoever) told her she had to give them a book-length novel. So she took this perfectly good short story and padded it. And the result is ONE GOOD TURN.

    Open this bo. ok to almost any page (except the last few), and you’ll see it. One line, occasionally one or two paragraphs, of the story sandwiched between paragraphs of padding. Whatever happens reminds a character of something else that reminds the character of something else. Then back to the story soon to be followed by more padding.

    This is the last Atkinson book I’ll read.

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