The Best Cease and Desist Response Ever

TRex with white flags
You win! says TRex.
If you live on the ’Net for a number of years and you have opinions, you’re apt to garner a small collection (or, in some cases a large one) of Cease and Desist (C&D) letters. Frequently, people respond by posting the letter itself, plus all followup correspondence, for the public to make fun of. Because, quite honestly, the vast majority of these letters are absolutely ridiculous.

But until this letter came to my attention, I’d never seen such a fabulous response. The whole letter—which is based on a brewing process and a beer called Hopasaurus Rex—is worth reading, and you can download it from the good people over at Lowering The Bar. But the letter begins (and I’ve copied his spelling and usage exactly):

Dear Mr. ———

Thanks for your letter! I love hearing from and meeting people from all around the country. Since you are from ———, under normal circumstances I would assume you have a beard… I do too! But, since you are a lawyer, you probably just have some expensive suits instead. Way less cool, but whatever works for you man.

It goes on in a more and less serious vein for a while, making some actual legal points, then finishes with the following PS.

Please enjoy this drawing of a T-Rex waiving white flags, which was suggested for inclusion by my attorney. Actually, he’s just my friend, I can’t afford his legal fees.

And it’s CC’d to the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

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