Thanksgiving Shoplifter Had Cops Going in Circles

After a day of Thanksgiving shoplifting, an Oregon couple had police going in circles. Scratch that, I mean the police were watching them drive in circles.

It all started after a few reports of ongoing shoplifting at a store located in Nampa, Oregon. Police officers responded but encountered a bustling parking lot full of holiday shoppers. When they tried to arrest the shoplifting duo, the pair high-tailed it out of there.

The first suspect, Oregon resident Gregory R. Redner, was apprehended quickly. However, Idaho Press-Tribune reports:

“A second suspect, Camilla E. Hunt, also of Oregon, fled to a vehicle and drove away, nearly striking two officers with her car.

Police briefly pursued, but called off the chase because of crowded holiday shopping events. But Hunt continued to drive in circles around the parking lot, where officers used a spike strip to deflate two of her tires. She abandoned the car and tried to flee on foot, but was caught and taken into custody.”

The Idaho Press-Tribune also went on to report:

“Hunt was found to be under the influence of an intoxicating substance. She faces charges of aggravated assault on law enforcement officers, burglary, felony eluding, driving under the influence, driving without privileges and petit theft.”

It seems she has learned two valuable life lessons: 1) Never attempt shoplifting while on drugs. 2) Actually flee the scene instead of going in circles in a parking lot.

These are two valuable lessons, indeed.

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