Teen Takes Cop Car on New Years Eve Joyride

We are kicking off 2017 with a teenager who went full boss on police by stealing a cop cruiser after being arrested for drinking while driving.

Here is the breakdown on this one: According to CBS, Dekota Locklear, 18, was stopped at a New Years Eve drunk driving checkpoint. The breathalyzer test displayed that he registered a 0.09 blood-alcohol level—the limit for drivers is 0.08.

This is where things get interesting. After being arrested, handcuffed, and put in the backseat of a squad car, Locklear managed to wiggle his way into the front seat of the cruiser and put the pedal to the metal. He took off like a bat out of hell and went for a joy ride that lasted 90 minutes before finally being re-arrested in the Bronx.

When all was said and done, Locklear took the cruiser on 13-mile joyride through New York City and even turned on the lights and siren. Police are still puzzled on how the teenager was able to pull off this feat with his hands securely handcuffed behind his back.

He was later charged with attempted grand larceny, criminal mischief, aggravated drunk driving, escape and reckless endangerment, and assault of a police officer.

So, how did you spend your New Years Eve?

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