Teasing Trance

Lots of buzz recently about the trailer for Trance, Danny Boyle’s new art heist movie starring James McAvoy as an art thief who’s stolen a painting and then, thanks to a blow to the head, forgotten where he stashed it. Vincent Cassel is the crime boss who wants the painting found. Rosario Dawson is the hypnotherapist hired to trance McAvoy into remembering. Writers are Joe Ahearne, who wrote the 2001 TV movie  on which this feature is based, and John Hodge who wrote the awesome, creepy 1994 film Shallow Grave. (Seriously, rent that one, if only for young Ewan McGregor and young Christopher Eccleston.)

 Trance will have a limited U.S. release starting April 5.

Love art-related crime? Enter for your chance to win a set of three art crime novels by Thomas Swan featuring Inspector Jack Oxby of New Scotland Yard!

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To enter for a chance to win one copy each of The DaVinci Deception, The Cézanne Chase, and The Final Fabergé by Thomas Swan, make sure you’re a registered member of the site, sign in, and then simply leave a comment below.

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  1. James P. Pope

    very cool

  2. Jody Darden

    Seen this trailer before and love a good heist film. I have read and enjoyed other art related mysteries as well.

  3. shelly mccann

    trailer looks good, books sound interesting

  4. Lance Charnes

    At least they’re not going with the Thomas Crown angle on art theft in this film. It’ll be interesting to see if Vincent Cassel wants the painting for collateral or because he’s some kind of Dr. No art fetishist.

  5. Marjorie Pawley


  6. L L

    This looks good

  7. Patricia Fultz

    Would really like to read this series.

  8. Kyle Quandt

    I would love to read this series.

  9. Karen Barnett

    Art thefts can be so fascinating – whether in real life or books!

  10. Margit Curtright

    yes, please. i’d like to enter.

  11. vanessagalore

    I would like to enter the contest.

  12. Steven Wilber

    Sounds fascinating… Count me in.

  13. Marie-Louise Molloy

    [b][color=rgb(64, 224, 208)]Love a new series and want to read more![/color][/b]

  14. Andrew Kuligowski

    Heard of the books, but not of the upcoming movie. Fingers crossed … selfishly …

  15. Mike Rogers

    Sounds great!

  16. Barbara Bibel

    This looks like a fun movie! I would love to have the books for my library.

  17. ravensfan

    Shallow Grave was creepy and awesome. Trance looks interesting; hope I can see it with its limited release. Would love to win the books.

  18. Joan Boose

    Yes! Three books will about see me through my next trip. Please and Thank you 🙂

  19. Connie Schultz

    I would like to read this. We have been listening to the hypnotherapist Glenn Harrold to go to sleep. My husband swears by his no smoking cd and he has not been smoking for weeks!

  20. Josh Nuttall

    WOW!! That looks like a killer flick. I’m totally in!

  21. Thomas Walker

    Looks Great. I would like to enter the contest.

  22. Marybeth Mank

    Looking forward to any new movie directed by Danny Boyle and/or starring James McAvoy! This trio of books sounds like something I would enjoy reading. 🙂

  23. William Hamilton

    Just finished a great book–The Art Forger. Look forward to a movie that shows how an art heist is accomplished.

  24. Patricia Fultz

    Anew series is music for any readaholic–like me!

  25. Joyce Mitchell

    Interesting trailer – will have to see if the movie plays in my area. Thanks for the chance to win Thomas Swan’s books.

  26. Heather Martin

    I would watch it just because of John Hodge. I saw Shallow Grave right after it was released in America, and it always stuck w/ me. I make everyone who says they like crime movies watch it. It blows them away every time.

  27. Bob Alexander

    I read The Art Forger and got hooked. I’d love to read all 3 of these books. Thanks for this amazing contest!!

  28. Joanne Mielczarski

    Sounds great – I’m in!

  29. Jason Nickolay

    I love a good thriller. Thanks for the chance

  30. M W

    Sign me up

  31. Karen Hester

    Count me in

  32. MaryC

    Great trailer – would love to read the books.

  33. Daniel Morrell

    sounds like a fun one!

  34. susan beamon

    i hope all the good parts of the film are not in the trailer, as some movies have done to create buzz that they could not maintain. I like a good thriller on film or in print. my library has many of both.

  35. Terry Heald

    Count me in on this, sounds too good to miss out on!

  36. Doreen Sheridan

    That looks amazing! Hope the books are equally entertaining, if not more!

  37. Angela J

    This looks like some good reading

  38. Lori Walker

    Thanks for the chance – should be a good read

  39. Jane Schwarz

    These books sound like exciting reads. Thank you for the opportunity to win a set.

  40. babs allen

    Havn’t seen the trailer before, looks interesting. Wouldn’t mind checking out the books also.

  41. mosaix

    Art, clues and heists-Yes!

  42. Laura McDonald

    The Rembrandt Affair by David Silva was a great art heist book and these sound even better- just the sort of thing I would love to read.

  43. Ed Nemmers

    I would love to read these works by Thomas Swan!

  44. Kyle Quandt

    I really would love to read these.

  45. Cheryl English

    These sound so amazing. I just can’t get enough. Please enter me. Thank You.

  46. Ronald Viars

    Hope the limited release includes Florida

  47. Vicky Boackle

    these books sound terrific.

  48. Phyllis Sinclair

    Just what does he remember! Inticing trailer. Would like to read the books.

  49. Karen Cherubino

    These suspense/thriller books sound like great reads – would love to read them. Thanks!

  50. Lisa Garrett

    Sounds like an awesome series!

  51. Clydia DeFreese

    This year I’m learning about artists and art. I have over 200 books on these subjects. I would love to add art mysteries to my library. What a great subject…..and just when I’m in the mood. Thanks!

  52. Susan Smoaks

    thank you for the chance to win, i love to read!

  53. Shannon Baas

    I would like this.

  54. Debra Kidle

    Winning three of these awesome books, would keep me busy for quite a while!

  55. Karen Martin

    I love a good read. These three would be great to read while sitting outside on the patio. Thanks

  56. Karen Martin

    I love a good read. These three would be great to read while sitting outside on the patio. Thanks

  57. jeannine scavo

    Love reading and I loved the Da Vinci code

  58. Annette Estell

    I could use some good reads!

  59. Buddy Garrett

    They sound very interesting. Thanks for the giveaway.

  60. Lynn Ristau

    This looks like a very interesting movie and the books sound like they would be too!

  61. Tammy Greer

    I love reading and this sounds very enjoyable. I love exciting books!

  62. Ellie Wright

    I’ve loved James McAvoy since Band of Brothers. Looking forward to this!

  63. kathy pease

    Thank you for the great giveaway please count me in 🙂

  64. Daniel Vice

    This looks great

  65. Sheila Korman

    Sounds like a wonderful series—thanks for the opportunity to win copies of these books!

  66. John Clark

    Definintely on the heavy side, but looks like a great film for action lovers.

  67. Susan Smith

    Sounds great

  68. Tim Moss

    I wanna win!

  69. cheryl wong

    would love to read this

  70. robin goodman

    I would love to read these!

  71. Rachacha

    Even if I don’t win I’ll be looking for these books.

  72. Edward Vandenberg

    This sounds like my type of movie.

  73. Tarah Manning

    These books sound amazing!

  74. Kay

    Thanks for the chance to read what looks like an intriguing book!

  75. teresa sopher

    Maybe I’ll learn something that’ll come in handy later…..

  76. vicki wurgler

    sounds great-please sign me up

  77. Chris Gould

    Love Danny Boyle. Thanks for the giveaway!

  78. eire1234


  79. Taylor Duncan

    Fun ..!

  80. Ellen

    Love a good heist story.

  81. Erin Hartshorn

    I’m going to have to keep my eyes out for this movie. (And I’ll probably also check out Shallow Grave — a young Eccleston? Very cool!)

  82. Vanessa

    Great giveaway. Thanks!!

  83. Holly Rankin


  84. Jackie Wisherd

    I would love to read these books to report on them at the Mystery Book Club I belong to. Hope I win.

  85. Roseann Moss

    ALWAYS looking for a new Great author to read. Hope I win.

  86. Karl Stenger

    I would love to read these novels.

  87. Maria Lucier

    The books sound intriguing – and Danny Boyle is great. I’m adding the books to my “wish” list.

  88. Justine Heredia

    I love James McAvoy and Danny Boyle! i hope the movie is as good as it looks!

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