Tasty Garlic Knots Reason for Rampage

Tasty garlic knots turn pizza shop into warzone.
Tasty garlic knots turn pizza shop into warzone.

Over the weekend in Florida a pizza restaurant’s tasty garlic knots led to angry customers to go on a rampage.

Huffington Post reports that local deputies at the scene said Jessica Conti, 25, thought workers at Palm Coast Pizza were disrespectful when they gave her money back.

The employees from the restaurant were attempting  to refund Conti because she claimed she had ordered garlic knots without cheese, but sadly received them with cheese. This was devastating to Conti because employees said three men later returned to the restaurant, knocked over the cash register, threw pizza boxes, and tossed food around the restaurant. One suspect even did the unthinkable by tossing parmesan cheese onto an innocent television set. Their rampage was truly brutal.

Overall their cheese induced rampage caused about $1,000 in damage to the restaurant.

All four suspects were eventually arrested on burglary charges, deputies said.


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