Talk About Morality Like It’s Black and White: First Five Minutes of Low Winter Sun

AMC has released the first five minutes of their very intense looking new drama, Low Winter Sun. The Show stars Tinker, Tailor actor Mark Strong and The Walking Dead's Lennie James, and it looks like it could fill the dark niche that the end of Breaking Bad might leave behind. Here's the official description:

The AMC Original Series Low Winter Sun is a contemporary story of murder, deception, revenge and corruption in a world where the line between cops and criminals is blurred. Low Winter Sun begins with the murder of a cop by a fellow Detroit detective. Seemingly the perfect crime, in reality the murder activates forces that will forever alter the detective’s life, and pull him into the heart of the Detroit underworld. Based on the award-winning 2006 British miniseries of the same name, Low Winter Sun stars Mark Strong and co-stars Lennie James, Chris Mundy  serves as writer, executive producer and showrunner. Season one consists of ten, one-hour episodes.

Psst, we expect to be covering this one at Crime HQ, but what do you think?

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