Taking the Cake: Icing Trish

Via Cake Wrecks and Natalie H— Haven't we all occasionally had unpleasant news to share and struggled to sweeten the message?

Cake Wreck No Parole 4 Trish Bad News Cake

 Maybe someone should bake Trish a file in the next one, but I think this is how I want all my legalities delivered.   Can I get my jury summons in buttercream?


  1. Laura K. Curtis

    I have to admit that when I was in college I had a friend whose family was mobbed up. Various of her relatives were in jail (all framed, of course), and she went home one weekend for the return of such a relative, who’d been released on parole. I wondered then how one celebrated such a thing. (“Paulie! Welcome home! Now, you’re going to stay on the straight and narrow, right?” *wink wink* *nudge nudge*)

    Now at least I can imagine the cake….

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