Taking Food Waaaaayyyyyy Too Seriously

Miki Nozawa
Miki Nozawa, a life cut short by a food fight.
Anyone who knows me will tell you that food is right at the top of my priorities in life. Follow my Twitter feed, and you’ll notice that probably a full 25 percent of my tweets are related to eating. Still, there are things that seem extreme even to me, like beating a chef to death over a $30 meal.

And yet, that’s precisely what happened to celebrity chef Miki Nozawa, whose food didn’t satisfy two customers at his restaurant on the German island of Sylt. The two left without paying, and later that night Nozawa found them at a nightclub and confronted them. A fight ensued, after which the two men escaped and Nozawa was taken to the hospital where he later died from his injuries.

Relax, everyone. It’s just dinner.


  1. Dorothy Hayes

    Sorry to hear about the death of the chef, it was a tragedy. In this country alone, 10 billion animals are raised for food, their lives stollen from them, and they suffer all their lives and suffer to death.

    That’s taking food way too seriously also. I love my food, it dooesn’t hurt anyone.

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