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September 12 2017

Exploding Cows, Designer Jeans, and Church Bells: The Crime Writer’s Search for Unusual Murder Weapons

Guns, knives, strangulation—it’s all so “been there, done that.” Readers are bored with shotgun blasts, lukewarm about machetes, blasé about blows to the base of...
August 21 2015

The ZINNG: Cocoa and Improbable Weapons

At Mystery Fanfare, the Macavity nominees for Best Short Story discuss the importance of first lines. The home of KISS's Gene Simmons is being searched by the LAPD, because something bad...
June 4 2015

True Crime Thursday: The Man Who Saved the World, Literally

Vasili Arkhipov is one man who never had to question whether or not he did the right thing. In October 1962, when the world was holding its collective breath during the Cuban Missile Crisis, Arkhipov...
March 2 2015

Lizzie Borden’s Not Nearly Done!

Christina Ricci will reprise the role of Lizzie Borden in a 6-episode miniseries, plus two more episodes on order, which fantastically elaborates life (and plentiful death) in Fall River after...
Rick Campbell
February 19 2015

Diving into Submarine Movies: How Realistic are They?

A lot of people are fascinated with submarines, perhaps because of their stealthy missions, long periods underwater, or because few people have been aboard one. The public’s concept of submarine...
February 15 2015

Fresh Meat: Nobody Walks by Mick Herron

Nobody Walks by Mick Herron is set in the same fictional London as his Slough House series, and now introduces Tom Bettany, an ex-spook with a violent past and only one thing to live for one thing —...
January 5 2015

Shorter Everly: Salma Hayek’s Shooting Yakuza

Salma Hayek's character's trapped in her apartment, heavily-armed, and facing waves of Yakuza attacks. What more needs to be said? You already know if Everly's your cup of sake from that...
May 21 2014

Killer Fashion: Illinois Designers Provide Fashion for the Firearm-Friendly

The ink is barely dry on the new law in Illinois that allows some degree of concealed weapons before Chicago designers are taking to the streets to provide clothing for the firearms fashionista. One...
April 8 2014

Life Lesson: Never Draw Straws to Test the Bulletproof Vest

You may think you're brave, but no one will be as brave as the man who tested out a new bulletproof vest in 1923. This picture was compiled along with 39 others of “Weird Historical Photos...
March 6 2014

Babies Gunning For Trouble? Young Howitzer Seems Fine to Us name expert [Laura Wattenberg] took stock of the increase in gun and hunting-themed baby names. Her statistics [from 2002-2012] show a steady rise in firearm nomenclature.... “Colt,...
February 13 2014

Snow Pushes Man Over the Edge

A lot of us have been dealing with way too much snow lately. Many are dealing with it right now. But one particular individual has just about enough of the white nuisance. Pittsburgh's CBS KDKA...
February 11 2014

Fresh Meat: The Dealer and the Dead by Gerald Seymour

The Dealer and the Dead is the 27th international thriller by Gerald Seymour, featuring a small Croatian village that plans its revenge for decades following a deadly betrayal by an arms dealer (available...
January 22 2014

What the Well-Dressed Target Wears: Bulletproof Bespoke

Taking a page from James Bond’s friend Q, the tailors at Garrison Bespoke in Toronto have devised impeccable attire for gentlemen in what we’ll call “high risk businesses”: the...
January 20 2014

Yeah, I Called You a Dutch Rat Sniffer. It’s a Compliment!

Who are you calling “dirty”? Dutch police are training rats to sniff out drugs, gunshot and explosives residue, fire accelerants, and other substances that could implicate someone in a crime....
November 18 2013

The Death of JFK, Part 2: Trigger, Trigger! Who Pulled the Trigger?

Read here for Part 1: Five Things We Now Know Continuing with... Oswald’s Weapons Training Inevitably, in any discussion of the Kennedy assassination, the question of Oswald’s...
November 15 2013

The Death of JFK, Part 1: Five Things We Now Know

The 50th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination is quickly approaching on November 22nd.  And we’ve already been subjected to panel discussions, new books, letters...
November 14 2013

Cremains of the Day: The Ultimate Parting Shot

Holy Smoke will place the ashes of your deceased loved ones inside live shotgun shells that you can “fire when ready” for a suitable send-off. (We’ve resisted making a “going...
September 8 2013

Fresh Meat: Blade of Dishonor by Thomas Pluck

Blade of Dishonor by Thomas Pluck collects a three-part adventure—The War Comes Home, Devils and Dragons, and The Shadow Shogun—into the modern culmination of a centuries-old battle between...
August 21 2013

On Red Herrings, Or Must Chekhov’s Gun Go Off?

Anton Chekhov is famously said to have decreed that “One must not put a loaded rifle on the stage if no one is thinking of firing it.” This edict has been reported by a number of his contemporaries,...
August 9 2013

Shirley Temple Never Brings a Bat to a Gun Fight

Slate's crime blog has dubbed a bat-wielding thief who tried to rob a gun store “dumbest of all the the dumb criminals,” pointing out that “Mosley could’ve made things easier...
June 29 2013

Kunoichi: Female Ninja Spies of Medieval Japan

Most Westerners think of ninjas as black-masked men with swords who appear from the shadows and strike without warning. But not all ninja assassins were male, and not all of them walked in shadow. Female...
June 12 2013

Parenting, Justified-Style

Justified's Raylan Givens is about to be a parent. Every person takes on parenting in different ways and we're sure that'll be no different once there's a giggling baby Givens out there....
June 5 2013

The Epic Can-Do of Thumbs & Ammo

“Real tough guys don't need guns, they just need a positive, can-do attitude.” This is the proposition behind the amazeballs Thumbs & Ammo blog that goes out proving it,...
January 31 2013

Screw You!, and Other Uses for a Revolver-Shaped Screwdriver

If you’ve ever perused the website, Things You Never Knew Existed, you have found some pretty weird stuff. While the holiday season is behind us, this might be a good gift to keep in mind for...
December 26 2012

The Strangest Weapons Real “Mad Scientists” Tried to Make

You know the look well: crazy white hair sticking out in all directions, coke-bottle thick goggles held fast across wildly staring eyes, while thickly gloved hands (black rubber gloves, no doubt)...
December 24 2012

High Caliber Jewelry

What happens to the guns collected in buybacks? To the shell casings collected at crime scenes after their use as evidence has expired? If you’re Jewelry for a Cause’s Jessica Mindich, you...
December 20 2012

Quickdraw: Internet Movie Firearms Database?

Ever wonder what gun was used in your favorite film or TV show? Do you ever wish you were that person who knew the 1874 gun couldn’t have been used in that movie that took place in 1850?...
November 13 2012

A Bandage for Every Occasion?

Did you encounter a ninja and live to tell about it? Do you want to brag about it to your friends but don’t quite know how? Well, we’ve got the product for you! Recently making the...
November 12 2012

Double-Barrel Bond

Skyfall hit theaters this week, and almost immediately we began seeing people saying “Bond says he has a rifle, but it’s clearly a double-barreled shotgun.” Well, no. Actually, it’s...
November 9 2012

In Case of Zombies, Break Glass

With the East Coast still struggling to recover from the recent storms, it’s not such a huge leap to start wondering what you would do in case of zombie attack. Sure there are survival kits and...