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October 12 2017

Celebrating Robert Mitchum’s Centennial: Mitch Goes to War

We’ve been celebrating one hundred years of Robert Mitchum, having already looked back at his noir and Western films. Another genre he dominated was war movies, often projecting the great...
June 6 2017

9 Murder Mysteries Set During Wartime

Just because there’s a war going on doesn’t mean that death takes a holiday among the civilian population. Here are nine very different views of death during wartime. Black Dragon...
August 19 2016

“The White Rook” Cocktail

“Every pawn is potentially a queen.” – James Mason Castle up with this week's Pick Your Poison—where we create a cocktail inspired by a recently published mystery,...
December 8 2015

“This Is a Time for Ghosts”: Horror and the Great War

OBSERVATION: Between 1914 and 1919 war and influenza have claimed more than a million lives in Britain alone. CONCLUSION: This is a time for ghosts. Florence Cathcart (The Awakening) Some...
August 11 2015

Fresh Meat: Dragon Day by Lisa Brackmann

Dragon Day by Lisa Brackmann is the final book in the Ellie McEnroe trilogy about American vereran of the Iraqi War currently living in Beijing (available August 18, 2015). This novel had me hooked...
June 15 2015

Fresh Meat: Death in Salem by Eleanor Kuhns

Death in Salem by Eleanor Kuhns is the 4th historical mystery in the Will Rees series where an innocent trip through Salem puts the weaver in the middle of a murder investigation (available June 16,...
May 25 2015

A Commemorative Bouquet of Links for Memorial Day

For this Memorial Day, we offer our best wishes, deepest thanks, and a commemorative bouquet of military-related links:   Author Joseph Koenig's personal list of the Best Fiction of...
May 15 2015

Fresh Meat: Vanishing by Gerard Woodward

Vanishing by Gerard Woodward is a historical mystery set in the years leading up to WWII where an artist is found painting a landscape of a new airport, and his motives are questioned (available May...
May 14 2015

Empathy Through Art: Understanding War and PTSD

There’s no doubt that experiencing events that are foreign to our daily lives through the eyes of fictional characters is a way of broadening our understanding of the world around us. At...
March 3 2015

Now Win This!: Shooters and Computers Sweepstakes

Sometimes CTRL + ALT + DELETE just won't do, and you'll wish you had backup. These eight books can help! Click here to enter for a chance to win! This is NOT a Comments Sweepstakes....
February 23 2015

Fresh Meat: The Doomsday Equation by Matt Richtel

The Doomsday Equation by Matt Richtel is a modern techno-thriller where one man has only three days to prevent the outbreak of World War III (available February 24, 2015). Jeremy Stillwater is smarter...
Rick Campbell
February 19 2015

Diving into Submarine Movies: How Realistic are They?

A lot of people are fascinated with submarines, perhaps because of their stealthy missions, long periods underwater, or because few people have been aboard one. The public’s concept of submarine...
February 17 2015

Carnage Count: Ranking 2015’s Best Picture Nominees

If there’s one thing we can probably agree on, it’s the more murder, mystery, and mayhem in a film, the more we’ll like it. This year, eight films were nominated for the Academy...
Leslie Gilbert Elman
February 9 2015

Grantchester 1.04

Our hero, Canon Sidney Chambers (James Norton) begins this episode by rescuing a woman from a burning building. He does this in his pajamas, thanks to Dickens, his faithful puppy sidekick, waking...
January 31 2015

So Close to Freedom: Visiting Alcatraz

Alcatraz, that most famous of American correctional facilities, has been a national park longer than it was a Federal prison. It housed Federal inmates from 1933 to 1963, a mere 30 years. The island’s...
December 2 2014

Now Win This!: What is War Good For Sweepstakes

They say all is fair in love and war, but these six books might change your mind about that. Register to enter for a chance to win. Click here to enter for a chance to win! This is NOT...
October 30 2014

World War II: The Genre’s Best Fiction

For novelists, the Second World War is a canvas with the primary colors already filled in — a conflict of cataclysmic proportion that changed not only the map of the world, but reached deep...
October 3 2014

Villains in Fact and Fiction

The world changed seismically for thrillers on 9/11.  All of a sudden, the dastardly plots and cunning villains that had been a staple of the genre dating back to Ian Fleming had been outdone...
September 4 2014

Bogie and Bacall: To Have and Have Not (1944)

In tribute to the late Lauren Bacall, we’re looking at the four classic films she made with husband and screen partner Humphrey Bogart between 1944 and 1948: To Have and Have Not, The Big...
May 21 2014

Vivisect the Director: Guillermo del Toro and Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008)

With three technical Oscars for Pan’s Labyrinth under his belt, Guillermo del Toro returned to Hollywood with the clout necessary to finally have full creative control on a project. (It’s harder...
May 13 2014

Vivisect the Director: Guillermo del Toro and Pan’s Labyrinth (2006)

While flashy comic book adaptations established Guillermo del Toro as a bankable director in Hollywood, it was his sixth film—and third Spanish-language outing—that brought him the...
February 25 2014

World Cup 2014 to be Policed by Robots

The 2014 World Cup is set to kick off on Thursday, June 12th in Brazil, and fans who are journeying to the tournament might not be prepared for what they will see: PackBots. The Brazilian government...
October 8 2013

Afghanistan: My Green Zone Symphony

  We hope you'll enjoy this exclusive look at Kabul, Afghanistan's Green Zone through the eyes of a writer serving there, presented as special, long-form feature in four parts.   1....
September 12 2012

Fresh Meat: Fourmile by Watt Key

Fourmile by Watt Key is a middle grade suspenseful adventure book featuring a young boy and his dog (available September 18, 2012). Watt Key returns to the themes of survival and justice in his...
July 23 2012

Dark, Avenging Spiders: Perhaps Americans Are Happy Again?

Few historians or art critics will argue with the notion that art culture reflects the culture from which it arises. (Some may claim, often accurately, that art forecasts cultural shifts or upheavals...
July 1 2012

Fresh Meat: Invisible Country by Annamaria Alfieri

Invisible Country by Annamaria Alfieri is a historical mystery set in Paraguay in 1868 (available July 3, 2012). I admit, when I open a novel and encounter a page-long list of characters right off...
November 7 2011

Fresh Meat: Mignon F. Ballard’s Miss Dimple Rallies to the Cause

Mignon F. Ballard has long entertained readers with her cozy mysteries featuring Augusta Goodnight, a temporary guardian angel. Last year, in the highly acclaimed cozy, Miss Dimple Disappears,...