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October 5 2017

5 Tough Guys & Gals to Love

Read Steph Broadribb's exclusive guest blog about her favorite action heroes and follow the link at the bottom to claim several free stories from internationally bestselling authors! I’ve...
May 11 2016

5 Great Crime Novels Meet 5 Great Jazz Tracks

Although reading is a largely visual task (albeit in practice and not in the sense of a picture), what makes it so enjoyable is the imaginative task of creating a world with all of your senses...
May 25 2013

Tropical Summer Reads

Summer is right around the corner, and how better to pass the time than with some reads set in exotic locales or, just as fun, on the beach? Whether you’re looking for something light and...
May 21 2013

Car Guy: Does a Minivan Beat a Muscle Car? Maybe, Yeah.

It’s nighttime in Pittsburgh. Tom-Cruise-as-Jack-Reacher has just beaten the tar out of a half-dozen creeps. Now it’s time to scram. Reacher hops into his vehicle, grabs a gear,...
November 6 2012

John D. MacDonald: Full-Color Noir

Wikipedia lists John D. MacDonald as a prolific writer. Ya think? Seventy-eight books with more than 75 million copies in print, plus nearly 500 short stories? That’s not prolific, that’s...
August 17 2012

Florida, It’s A Mystery!

First, I need to tell you that John D. MacDonald has left us a huge legacy of pulp, hardboiled fiction, and thrillers written in both novel and short story form. The scope of his work is nothing short...