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April 27 2017

Loving the Unlikable: My Favorite Female Characters

Creating an unlikeable but compelling character is perhaps one of the most difficult components of crafting fiction. How do you hit that sweet spot of unlikability without turning the audience...
February 10 2017

The Best Crime Dramas to Binge Watch Now

Oh the joy of binge-watching! Everyone has been talking about a show that you’ve promised yourself you’d “get to,” but somehow you never have the time when the episodes...
April 5 2016

Who Is Your Favorite TV Antihero, Part II?

Certain shows’ protagonists are not always the most honest, upstanding “heroes” that the good-guy-always-wins Hollywood has trained us to expect them to be. Some shows feature...
November 10 2014

Fresh Meat: Sons of Anarchy: Bratva: by Christopher Golden

Sons of Anarchy: Bratva by Christopher Golden is an original novel set in the television world created by Kurt Suttor about a California motorcycle gang (available November 11, 2014). Hold on to...
November 4 2014

Now Win This!: Watch What You Read Sweepstakes

From screens to pages, these six books will keep you tuned in for more! Register to enter for a chance to win. This sweepstakes has ended. Thanks for entering. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. A...
July 1 2014

Longmire: 3.05 “Wanted Man”

“If you do the job right, Walt, by the time you put down your sheriff’s badge, you’re a wanted man.” —Lucian Connally. “Wanted Man” started strong...
March 9 2012

Crime Screen News Roundup

There’s been movement the past few days on a number of projects we’re keeping our eyes on here at Crime HQ, so in the interest of keeping you up to date, here are a few bits and bytes of big and...
July 27 2011

Sons of Anarchy: SAMCRO meets The Hoff

Latest word has it that David Hasselhoff is set for a guest apperance on the upcoming season of “Hamlet on Harleys,” FX’s crime drama, Sons of Anarchy.  Word is that Hoff will be...