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November 24 2017

Review: Killing Pace by Douglas Schofield

Killing Pace by Douglas Schofield is a high-octane, heart-pounding tale set in Everglades City, Florida, and Sicily, Italy, with three important questions: Where am I? ... How did I get here? ......
November 24 2017

Adventures in Research, Part IV: Killing Pace

In the most recent segment of this series, I offered the reader a snapshot of our Sicilian experiences as my wife Melody and I traveled the backroads of that storied isle, following (or more accurately,...
June 15 2017

Adventures in Research, Part II: Storm Rising

Last month, I described some of the high points (and hapless incidents) I encountered during my research odyssey for Time of Departure. Today, I’ll describe some of the travels, insights, and...
September 13 2016

11 of the Best Fictional Island Cops

Most of us love the idea of islands—their beauty, their singularity, their separation from the wider world. And, of course, we all believe that life may somehow be easier on islands, more...