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February 22 2018

5 Crime Fiction Titles with a Strong Sense of Place

Crime fiction writers tend to consider plot and character to be the most important elements. Setting is a minor consideration, something a writer should take care of only if they have time. Beginning...
August 3 2017

Start with Setting: A Focus on Time and Place

A lot of choices have to be made when a story is under construction—what to put in and what to leave out, what to emphasize and what to touch lightly. Tradeoffs are inevitable, and it can...
June 9 2017

Setting a Mystery: Where Do You Like Your Mysteries to Take Place?

Read an exclusive guest post from R. Jean Reid about the importance of setting in mysteries, and then make sure to sign in and comment below for a chance to win a copy of her latest novel, Perdition! I’m...
November 3 2016

In the Shadow of the Rockies

I love to sink my teeth into a juicy new novel or series, especially if it involves a setting I’m either unfamiliar with or a location that I know very well. There’s something thrilling...
July 5 2016

Setting is Everything

I can’t read a book of any kind—thriller, literary fiction, memoir, biography, even history—unless the setting speaks to me. I need to feel, with all my senses, the physical world...