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August 12 2017

Review: Seeing Red by Sandra Brown

Seeing Red by Sandra Brown is a thriller with supercharged sexual tension about tainted heroism and vengeance without mercy (available August 15, 2017). What do you think of when you think...
February 7 2013

Murder Mardi Gras Style

Mardi Gras is the ultimate festival for food, fun, and mayhem, which also makes it the perfect time and place for a fictional murder or two. While Mardi Gras (also called Carnival in some countries)...
August 22 2012

Fresh Meat: Low Pressure by Sandra Brown

Low Pressure by Sandra Brown is a stand-alone romantic thriller (available September 18, 2012). Bellamy Lyston was only 12 years old when her older sister Susan was killed on a stormy Memorial Day....
Leslie Gilbert Elman
April 27 2012

2012 Edgar Awards: The Glamorous Side of Crime

Authors aren’t used to being gawked at. But gather them together in a fancy ballroom and something magical happens: You soon discover that they gawk at each other. “Isn’t that Linda Fairstein?”...
December 1 2011

TNT Mystery Movie Night: 2 Down, Wanna Hide?

This week, TNT premiered Scott Turow’s Innocent and Sandra Brown’s Ricochet. Did you watch either or both, and what do you think so far? (We ask, because sometimes things that seem so promising—cough-...
November 30 2011

Sandra Brown’s Ricochet: Half-Naked Fun?

Wednesday night, the second TNT Mystery Movie Night premieres Sandra Brown’s Ricochet. I am a big Sandra Brown fan and though I can’t claim to have read all 70+ of her books, I have read all her...
November 19 2011

Nosh and Swag from TNT’s Mystery Movie Night Author Panel

Thursday’s panel for TNT’s new Mystery Movie Night was a splashy event, and lots of fun for the attending crime fans like us, who got to hear from bestselling authors Scott Turow, Sandra...
November 15 2011

TNT Mystery Movie Night: Ask the Authors!

We bow to no one in our love of the slightly retro concept of the made-for-TV-movie, and had mentioned how we’re looking forward to TNT inaugurating its Mystery Movie Night with new adaptations of...
August 24 2011

For TNT, the Holidays Mean Crime

We know, we know, it’s not even Labor Day!!  But we’ve been waiting to hear more about some shows we have our beady eyes upon, and here obligingly comes TNT’s press release about its...
B. Kent Anderson
May 29 2011

The Department of Thrills

A crime is a crime, isn’t it? Well, jaywalking is a crime. (Though when was the last time you even heard that term used, much less heard of someone being cited for it.)  So is murder....