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January 23 2018

Review: Need to Know by Karen Cleveland

Need to Know by Karen Cleveland follows CIA Analyst Vivian Miller, who uncovers a dangerous secret in pursuit of a Russian sleeper cell on American soil that will threaten her job, her family—and...
January 12 2018

Military Joyride: Man Steals Tank, Crashes through Store Window, Steals Bottle of Wine

Let’s play a game: Russia or Florida? Recently, a drunk man stole a tank from a military base, drove it through the streets, crashed it through a grocery store, got out of the tank, walked...
October 19 2017

Review: Madness Treads Lightly by Polina Dashkova

Madness Treads Lightly by Polina Dashkova is a Russian mystery where only three people can connect a present-day murderer to a serial killer who, fourteen years ago, terrorized a small Siberian...
May 16 2017

Review: Price of Duty by Dale Brown

Price of Duty by Dale Brown is the 21st book in the Patrick McLanahan series, where the U.S. and its Western allies come under a diabolical Russian cyber warfare attack in this action-packed military...
January 10 2017

What Is Your Favorite Winter Mystery Locale?

Brrr. It’s getting cold out there! With all the snow hitting the east coast, we started to think about all the winter mysteries out there.  There’s something extra sinister...
November 23 2016

5 New Books to Read this Week: November 22, 2016

Every Wednesday, we here at Criminal Element will put together a list of Staff Picks of the books that published the day before—sharing the ones that we are looking forward to reading the...
June 30 2016

This Book Is Not About Vladimir Putin.

Cold by John Sweeney is the 1st Joe Tiplady thriller (Available July 1, 2016). Cold is a made-up story inspired by things I’ve seen with my own eyes and whispers I’ve picked up...
May 24 2016

Preorder First Strike by Ben Coes and Get Exfiltration Free!

Exfiltration started out as a scene from one of Ben Coes's novels, Independence Day. It was cut long before the final draft—the novel took a substantially different turn—but Ben liked...
April 14 2016

Georgia on My Mind: A Country in Conflict

I wanted to set a story in a small country that was overshadowed by a more powerful one—somewhere beautiful and troubled that had a history of resisting an aggressive, underhanded, massive...
April 7 2016

Fresh Meat: The 14th Colony by Steve Berry

The 14th Colony by Steve Berry is the 11th book in the Cotton Malone series, featuring a KGB plot to exploit the flaws in the Constitution and presidential succession act that Cotton Malone must stop...
Rick Campbell
March 24 2016

Submarine Collisions in Fiction—Do They Occur in Reality?

Read this exclusive guest post by Rick Campbell, author of Ice Station Nautilus, and then make sure you're signed in and comment for a chance to win an advanced copy of this upcoming submarine...
February 16 2016

Modern Crime 101

You’ll never see it coming. You’ll be going about your daily life, riding the bus to work in the morning, sipping your Starbucks and reading the news on your phone—when out of...
January 4 2016

The Dead Mountaineer’s Inn

In the late 1960s, Boris and Arkady Strugatsky, the most popular science fiction writers in Russia, decided to write a mystery novel. The Dead Mountaineer's Inn was published in 1970,...
October 1 2015

The ZINNG: A Cool $25K for E-Mysteries (and Lethal Selfies)

The new Mysterious Press Award honors “the best e-book original mystery novel“ with a cool $25k and worldwide distribution! We read about it at The Rap Sheet, where there are loads more...
June 4 2015

True Crime Thursday: The Man Who Saved the World, Literally

Vasili Arkhipov is one man who never had to question whether or not he did the right thing. In October 1962, when the world was holding its collective breath during the Cuban Missile Crisis, Arkhipov...
April 29 2015

Women Jailed for Twerking

Three women have been tossed in jail after they filmed themselves twerking next to a World War II monument in Russia, Yahoo News reported. A court in southern Russia has sentenced three young women...
April 23 2015

The Americans 3.13: Season Finale “March 8, 1983”

The Season 3 finale of The Americans was a surprisingly low-key affair. Of the myriad confrontations we’d been bracing ourselves for, none really materialized in any significant way. I think...
April 16 2015

The Americans 3.12: “I Am Abassin Zadran”

Going into last night’s episode of The Americans, I had mentally prepared myself for all things grisly. The borderline sadistic tenor of Season 3, combined with the fact that many of television’s...
April 9 2015

The Americans 3.11: “One Day in the Life of Anton Baklanov”

Phew! For the first time in weeks, nobody on The Americans was lit on fire, no one was stuffed into a suitcase, no little old ladies were killed, and no teenage girls lost their innocence. And...
April 2 2015

The Americans 3.10: “Stingers”

In last night’s “Stingers,” The Americans continued its pattern of structuring its episodes around one extended, intimate, difficult-to-watch scene. Though sometimes harrowing...
March 26 2015

The Americans 3.09: “Do Mail Robots Dream of Electric Sheep?”

Almost every episode in the third season of The Americans has featured at least one scene that is excruciatingly painful for the viewer to watch. These cringe-inducing scenes, from the disposing...
March 19 2015

The Americans 3.08: “Divestment”

In an early scene in last night’s The Americans, Oleg’s father calls Arkady (Lev Gorn) to ask why his son has not been sent home as he requested. When Arkady answers that Oleg (Costa...
March 12 2015

The Americans 3.07: “Walter Taffet”

For most of Season 3, The Americans has attempted to tie the various plotlines of each episode together with a unifying theme. Whether it’s been adolescence, or religion, or suitcases, the...
March 5 2015

The Americans 3.06: “Born Again”

If last night’s opening scene of The Americans was the first time a bathtub had been prominently featured this season, it would be easy to take the events of the scene at face value. After...
February 26 2015

The Americans 3.05: “Salang Pass”

Early in last night’s episode of The Americans, “Salang Pass,” Philip (Matthew Rhys) listens to a BBC radio report of a deadly incident in Afghanistan’s Salang Tunnel. The...
February 21 2015

Fresh Meat: Mightier than the Sword by Jeffrey Archer

Mightier than the Sword by Jeffrey Archer is the fifth installment in The Clifton Chronicles (available February 24, 2015). This is Jeffrey Archer’s fifth entry in the Clifton Chronicles and...
February 19 2015

The Americans 3.04: “Dimebag”

The one essential quality for survival in The Americans is the ability to tell a convincing lie. Given the show’s subject matter, this isn’t a particularly insightful revelation; good...
February 12 2015

The Americans 3.03: “Open House”

“Open House” had all the elements we’ve come to expect from The Americans: car chases, marital maneuverings, Rezidentura intrigue, and another intimate, cringe-worthy scene of...
February 11 2015

Agent Carter 1.06: “A Sin to Err”

Episode 6 of Agent Carter, “A Sin to Err,” finds Peggy (Haylet Atwell) in full-on super agent mode. Last episode, we saw her reteamed with the Howling Commandos for some overseas adventuring,...
February 5 2015

The Americans 3.02: “Baggage”

The Americans followed up its action-packed premiere with one of its most contemplative episodes to date. Apart from a quick chase scene and a heart-stopping encounter between Oleg (Costa Ronin)...