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October 11 2016

Review: It’s All One Case: The Illustrated Ross Macdonald Archives

It's All One Case: The Illustrated Ross Macdonald Archives is a prose series of unpublished interviews with, and a visual retrospective of, the seminal mid-to-late 20th-century literary crime writer,...
May 3 2016

Prolonged Parker: Slow Burn by Ace Atkins

Robert B. Parker's Slow Burn by Ace Atkins is the newest Spenser novel, where Boston PI Spenser faces a hot case and a personal crisis (Available today!). An assessment of a new Spenser novel...
October 5 2015

Investigate Thyself: Missing Person by France’s Patrick Modiano

Patrick Modiano’s Missing Person focuses on a private detective, introduced as Guy Roland, who investigates himself. The location is Paris; the time period, the mid-1960s. I say...
July 30 2015

A Brit’s 400-mile Road Trip Hunting American Crime

Road trip – had to be a winner, right? As a kid growing up in the narrow streets of northern England, I knew America as surely as I knew the grey concrete of my own back yard. For years,...
April 9 2015

Book 1 with Sheriff Dan Rhodes: Too Late to Die by Bill Crider

Many readers develop a deep affinity for a continuing detective or mystery series beyond well-sculpted plots, fast action, and wisecracks, that is, if they are going to stick with it for the long read....
February 13 2015

Do Evil in Return: Margaret Millar at 100

Note: This post kicks off a series celebrating the career of one of mystery fiction’s true giants, beginning with the novel Do Evil in Return. This month marks the centennial of the great...
September 25 2014

Bacall By Herself

In our series on Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, we looked at the films the great screen duo made between 1944 and 1948. After 1948, however, the two never made another movie together. (Though...
September 7 2014

Ray Bradbury Writes Noir: Death Is a Lonely Business

I suspect most people think of science fiction and fantasy when they hear the name Ray Bradbury, who—along with Isaac Asimov, Phillip K. Dick, Robert A. Heinlein, and Arthur C. Clarke—represented...
April 25 2013

More Than Pretty Pictures: Tag Lines in Classic Pulp Novels

Let’s face it: a book cover is a seduction. No one knew this better than the pulp fiction publishers of the 1940s and ’50s, their covers all gussied up with lurid colors, barely clad women,...
February 13 2013

Lost Classics of Noir: Blue City by Ross Macdonald

I hesitated to write about a Ross Macdonald title for this series, for two reasons. For one, he’s so well known in crime fiction circles that it’s hard to think of any of his titles...
January 31 2013

Lost Classics of Noir: The Digger’s Game by George V. Higgins

So many people have been cited as influences on the films of Quentin Tarantino that it’s laughable. I might as well say my 21-month-old daughter influenced Reservoir Dogs. But if there’s...
August 21 2012

Ross Macdonald: The Golden Archer

I picked up my first Ross Macdonald, Sleeping Beauty, back in the late ’70s, at an Aardvark second-hand store, for twenty-five cents. I know I paid a quarter for it because I still have the book;...
March 9 2012

Crime Screen News Roundup

There’s been movement the past few days on a number of projects we’re keeping our eyes on here at Crime HQ, so in the interest of keeping you up to date, here are a few bits and bytes of big and...
November 20 2011

Pulp in the Wild: Shelf Mates Edition

As I sat staring at my bookshelves, taking stock of the books that surround and inspire me, I started to notice some titles that seemed like maybe I should shelve them next to each other. I kept looking,...
November 2 2011

The New Lew...Archer, That Is: Ross Macdonald’s PI Hits the Big Screen

According to Deadline, Warner Brothers has negotiated the rights to Ross Macdonald’s classic hard-boiled P.I., Lew Archer in order to make a series of movies about him. They won’t be starting with...
April 29 2011

Spenser: A Look Back at Robert Parker

Robert B. Parker’s latest Spenser novel, Sixkill, hits shelves and e-readers everywhere on May 3rd. Though Parker passed away unexpectedly last January, it may be premature to assume this will...