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February 20 2018

Ides of March: Beware!

Read Steven Saylor's guest post about the murder of Julius Caesar, then make sure you're signed in and comment below for a chance to win a copy of the 16th Novel of Ancient Rome, The Throne...
May 4 2016

Investigation of a Citizen

An attractive young woman smiles at a man through her apartment window. Once he’s in her apartment, she embraces him. “How are you going to kill me this time?” she asks. “I’m...
February 22 2016

The New Kid on the Block: Leigh Russell on Writing Crime Fiction

Aspiring authors often ask me how I found my publishers. With my first attempt, I sent my manuscript to a couple of publishers who specialize in crime fiction. I was fortunate enough to find a...
July 14 2015

Fresh Meat: Deadly Election by Lindsey Davis

Deadly Election by Lindsey Davis is the 3rd historical mystery in the Flavia Alba series set in Ancient Rome (available July 14, 2015). Deadly Election, Lindsey Davis’s latest novel of ancient...
Leslie Gilbert Elman
September 29 2014

Miss Marple: “Endless Night”

Miss Marple raises lots of questions. The most pertinent right now is: What is she doing in this story? Endless Night is a real suspense tale, told from the point of view of an opportunistic young...
May 1 2014

Fresh Meat: Blonde Ops by Charlotte Bennardo and Natalie Zaman

Blonde Ops by Charlotte Bennardo and Natalie Zaman is a Young Adult, tech-savvy romp through Rome where Bec must juggle her job at a fashion magazine, a potential threat to the First Lady, and of course,...
May 7 2013

Fresh Meat: The Ides of April by Lindsey Davis

The Ides of April by Lindsey Davis is a new mystery by the author of the Marcus Didius Falco series, set in ancient Rome and featuring a no-nonsense investigator who just happens to be a woman (available...
Leslie Gilbert Elman
July 27 2011

Zen: Cabal aka The Roman Way

Our friend Aurelio Zen, he of the stylish suits and Persol shades, seems to hit his stride in “Cabal,” the second episode of Zen on Masterpiece Mystery. If you were lukewarm about “Vendetta”...