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February 8 2018

Review: Girl Gangs, Biker Boys, and Real Cool Cats: Pulp Fiction and Youth Culture, 1950 to 1980, Edited by Iain McIntyre and Andrew Nette

Girl Gangs, Biker Boys, and Real Cool Cats: Pulp Fiction and Youth Culture, 1950 to 1980, edited by Iain McIntyre and Andrew Nette, is the first comprehensive account of how the rise of postwar youth...
July 10 2017

Lester Dent for the 21st Century: How Has Pulp Fiction Changed in the Last Decade and Who Are the Players?

Read Rob Hart's exclusive guest post about the changing landscapes of pulp fiction, and then make sure to sign in and comment below for a chance to win a copy of his latest book, The Woman...
July 25 2016

Passionate About Pulp: Revisiting Dick Tracy (1990)

THE SUBGENRE: Comic book noir. THE HERO: Hardnosed detective Dick Tracy. THE VILLAIN: Crime boss Alphonse “Big Boy” Caprice. THE LOVE INTEREST(S): Loyal “Girl Friday”...
May 26 2015

Orson Welles at 100: Touch of Evil (1958)

Orson Welles’s Touch of Evil is one of the great pieces of cinematic trash. It’s a frantic film, wildly over the top, in love with its own squalor, infatuated with the feel and smell...
April 8 2015

Fresh Meat: Thieves Fall Out by Gore Vidal (writing as Cameron Kay)

Thieves Fall Out by Gore Vidal (writing as Cameron Kay) is a pulp novel, rediscovered after sixty years, about a broke American in post-WWII Cairo who gets involved in smuggling, intrigue, and revolution...
November 24 2014

Lost Classics of Noir: Whip Hand by W. Franklin Sanders (and/or Charles Willeford)

In case you’re confused by the author credit in the heading here, let me just say that I join you in your befuddlement. This 1961 noir novel was originally published as a Fawcett Gold Medal paperback...
February 26 2014

Lost Classics of Noir: The Domino Principle by Adam Kennedy

In the last of these columns, I compared (after saying I wouldn’t) an excellent work of noir fiction with a film that was made from its story. This time around I’m covering a book that simply...
February 6 2014

Lost Classics of Noir: Detour by Martin M. Goldsmith

The book vs. the movie. Always interesting to compare the relative merits of a film to the written text its story is based upon. For me as for many, the book usually wins this battle. I can think of...
December 18 2013

Lost Classics of Noir: Hardman by David Karp

A hardboiled novel about a hardboiled novelist.  A main character who is a hard man, who has the last name Hardman. Might as well just get straight to the point, huh? Get to the point David...
June 25 2013

Orrie Hitt, the Shakespeare of Shabby Street

Russ Meyer said that when people watched his movies, he wanted them to know “where they are” five minutes into the viewing (umm, you achieved that, Russ). Orrie Hitt may or may not...
June 12 2013

Chasing the Perfect Chase in Fast & Furious 6

There are those who expected the The Fast & Furious franchise to run out of gas after the first entry, which was about an undercover cop who infiltrates a gang of street racers who hijack trucks...
June 10 2013

Now Win This: BEA Bundle Sweepstakes

While you might not have been at Book Expo America, Criminal Element has you covered. BEA is a great chance to find authors with a little bit of something for everyone, so that's what we're...
Charles Ardai
June 4 2013

The Carny Novel Calls. Lucky Thing It Also Emails.

What is a carny novel? At its simplest it’s a book set in the midways and tents of a traveling carnival, which isn’t quite the same as (but is a close cousin to) a circus, a medicine show,...
June 1 2013

Peering Into The Shadow: Year One

“Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows!” I know more of the Shadow than I know about the Shadow. I know the familiar catchphrase. I know he was a radio hero...
May 31 2013

Fresh Meat: Joyland by Stephen King

Set in a small-town amusement park in North Carolina in 1973, Joyland by Stephen King is a noir thriller (available June 4, 2013). There’s a weird thing that happens when a writer’s...
May 16 2013

Lost Classics of Noir: Wayward Girl by Orrie Hitt

As a kid I, along with most of the rest of the country, watched the made-for-TV movie Born Innocent. If you don’t know that film, it’s a 1974 title that stars Linda Blair as a once “normal”...
April 25 2013

More Than Pretty Pictures: Tag Lines in Classic Pulp Novels

Let’s face it: a book cover is a seduction. No one knew this better than the pulp fiction publishers of the 1940s and ’50s, their covers all gussied up with lurid colors, barely clad women,...
March 14 2013

Black Pulp Fictions: Yesterday and Today

Filmmaker and sometime mystery writer Nelson George (The Plot Against Hip Hop and Night Work) wrote a commentary in the February 15, 2013, New York Times, “Still Too Good, Too Bad or Invisible.” ...
August 3 2012

Noir’s Goon Squad: Neville Brand

Neville Brand was the king of the thugs. Pure and simple. Big and beefy, built like a garbage truck, squinty-eyed and greasy-faced—he was a thing of pure pulp beauty. Almost always playing the...
July 26 2012

A New Golden Age for Genre?

You know, it may have something to do with that dark, avenging spider, but superheroes are back in a big way this summer. In fact, it seems that all genre across the board is seeing a bit of resurgence....
June 13 2012

The Enigmatic Emperors Of Crime

Ah, the villains! The smooth denizens of the dark. The sharks among minnows. The Napoleons of Crime. Yes, we love our heroes, the square-jawed champions of justice who often use their fists as efficiently...
June 4 2012

The Crime Collector

As I sit in my home office and type this, I am surrounded by the things that I love. On every wall, over my desk, behind me, even behind the door, are movie posters. Not just any movie posters—vintage...
May 28 2012

Pulp is Everywhere!

As you no doubt know, we here at CrimeHQ love us some pulp. And the cover art has always been a big part of that love. So we’re very happy to see women with bullet bras beneath their skimpy dresses...
May 10 2012

Crime and Horror With a Four Color Twist: Hack/Slash and Fatale

In the late 1940s and early 1950s, Publisher William Gaines’s EC Comics began a new line of titles that included several different genres, most notably crime and horror. The comics featured stunning...
March 28 2012

Pulp’s Golden Age Action Heroes Reborn

Vintage pulp fiction has never really gone away. Vintage crime made a comeback in the 80’s and 90’s with reprints through Black Lizard, faded a bit then reappeared through publishers like Mulholland...
March 23 2012

You Gonna Drink That? The Class System Colors of Booze

So there I sat, at the stick in my latest hangout, The End of Times, having another Scotch on the rocks. The guy on the stool next to mine reminded me of Orson Wells during his “We will sell no wine...
January 30 2012

A Pulp Writer Retires: Adios, Captain Corrales!

One of our alert bloggers notified us of this excellent story. For two years, Police Captain Greg Corrales wrote a community newsletter out of the Mission Police Station that sounded much like a 1940’s...
November 20 2011

Pulp in the Wild: Shelf Mates Edition

As I sat staring at my bookshelves, taking stock of the books that surround and inspire me, I started to notice some titles that seemed like maybe I should shelve them next to each other. I kept looking,...
November 12 2011

Seedy and Sublime: The Ero Guro Dystopia of Japanese Noir Posters

In the 1960s and 70s, the Japanese film industry (Nikkatsu Studio to be precise) headlined a golden age for East Asian exploitation noir. After years of censorship, first outlined by Japanese Imperial...
November 9 2011

Pulp Fiction Reborn: Dime Crime on the Net

Long gone are the days of writers tapping away at an Underwood, unfiltered Lucky Strike hanging from the lip and a tumbler of whiskey acting as inspiration as they cranked out sordid tales by the dozen...