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November 23 2017

Thanksgiving—America’s Deadliest Holiday

Like a Norman Rockwell painting hanging prominently inside our heads, many of us cherish memories of Thanksgiving gatherings with loved ones complemented by honey-glazed turkey and succulent desserts....
September 28 2017

The Business of Kidnapping: It’s More than Just a Ransom Note

Forget a ransom note showing up with words and letters cut from a newspaper, a gruff voice disguised over a late-night telephone call, the victim’s frazzled family rushing about to raise...
September 28 2017

Review: The Death of an Heir by Philip Jett

The Death of an Heir is Philip Jett's chilling true account of the Coors family’s gilded American dream that turned into a nightmare when a meticulously plotted kidnapping went horribly wrong. The...
September 7 2017

Can Violence Be Genetic and Inherited? Consider My Family’s Tales of Grisly Murder

Read Philip Jett's interesting guest post about his family's experiences with murder, then make sure you're signed in and comment below for a chance to win Jett's true crime novel,...