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October 2 2017

Top 10 Crime Films of the 21st Century

What is it that makes for a great crime film? Is a movie a crime film simply because it deals with illicit characters? In that case, couldn’t a lot of political films be classified as such?...
September 14 2017

Celebrating Robert Mitchum’s Centennial: The Noir

Robert Mitchum (1917-1997) may have gotten his start in Westerns, but it’s his reputation in the world of noir that became indelible. Other actors had ascended the genre throne before him,...
February 24 2017

New Noir-Themed Programming Franchise from TMC Announced!

Eddie Muller, president and founder of the Film Noir Foundation, is pairing with Turner Classic Movies (TCM) to bring film noir back to television with Noir Alley. Every Sunday at 10 a.m. beginning...
December 15 2016

Another Kind of Christmas Movie: Lady in the Lake (1947)

It’s a long stretch to call Lady in the Lake—the dark suspense film from 1947 that Robert Montgomery directed and starred in—a Christmas movie. But, you know, I’m not much...
December 13 2016

Revisiting The Asphalt Jungle (1950)

Criterion Collection’s new Blu-Ray edition of the 1950 film noir title The Asphalt Jungle gives me a prompt to write about what I (and many others) consider to be one of the greatest crime/suspense...
December 8 2016

Point Blank (1967): The Only Neo-Noir that Matters

I’ve been a consumer of countless crime fiction novels, films, and television for most of my life now—from eras ranging from Raymond Chandler to Elmore Leonard to Dennis Lehane—yet...
November 29 2016

Which Noir Character Are You?

If you’re a regular visitor of Criminal Element, then you’re probably more than a little bit familiar with film noir. But if not, then let’s give you the basic rundown. From the...
September 23 2016

Passionate About Pulp: Revisiting Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

THE SUBGENRE: Cartoon noir. THE HERO(ES): Private eye Eddie Valiant and the eponymous Toon. THE VILLAIN: The mad Judge Doom. THE LOVE INTEREST(S): Loyal “Girl Friday” Dolores...
July 26 2016

Dangers on a Train: The Narrow Margin, 1952 and 1990

Despite their obvious limitations, trains make great settings for movies.  Think of North by Northwest, where the wrongly charged and hunted Roger Thornhill (Cary Grant) successfully hides...
July 15 2016

Raymond Chandler Is Not Noir: Get Over It

Noir is the punk rock of the book world. It’s a niche genre that has been exploited to the point that the term it is meant to describe has been so watered down as to be unrecognizable and...
June 30 2016

What Winds Fan Black Sails, Disco Inferno?

I’m not 100% sure why I set my latest novel in the 1970s.  You’ll find me much more one for a 1940s cinematic take on film noir, with an eye on the ’50s. I cannot...
June 21 2016

Review: Burn What Will Burn by C.B. McKenzie

Burn What Will Burn by C.B. McKenzie is a gritty, gripping mystery and an enthralling character study of its poet-protagonist (Available today!). Set in rural Arkansas in the mid-eighties,...
June 3 2016

Dear Mike Hammer: Tough Advice for a Suspicious Husband

This week's guest columnist is a Mike Hammer, who's taking off his rumpled trench coat as he stumbles into his ratty office after an all-night stakeout that turned up bupkis.   Dear...
June 1 2016

Page to Screen: In a Lonely Place

I am approaching this post on In a Lonely Place as a page-to-screen piece, where I’ll compare notes on the novel of that title and the movie that goes by the same name. But really, there’s...
April 21 2016

Where All Light Tends to Go by David Joy

Where All Light Tends to Go by David Joy is a southern coming-of-age thriller, set in the mountains of Cashiers, NC, which follows young Jacob McNeely as he struggles to decide on whether to continue...
March 31 2016

Follow Me into Weird Worlds: DC’s Deadman

A recent query from Criminal Element asked which overlooked superheroes would be deserving of their own movie or TV show. One logical answer to that is DC's Deadman, except for one thing: Deadman...
March 8 2016

How Much Is Too Much...Blood, That Is?

I will tell you from the start: I’ve written a great book. Part mystery, part psychological thriller—I think it’s the best thing I’ve ever written, and it’s been...
February 16 2016

If It Ain’t Broke, Break It: Writing Floodgate

I am a fan of crime fiction, and while I tend to prefer hard-boiled and noir books, I do my best to read from different eras, different countries, and within different subgenres. I’ve even been...
January 7 2016

Hardboiled, Surreal, and Bewitching: 3 Haruki Murakami Short Stories

International novelist Haruki Murakami’s first novel, Hear the Wind Sing(1979) was an immediate success, and since then, he has developed a fanatic worldwide following that eagerly anticipates...
December 7 2015

Reviewing the Queue: Following (1998)

With the digital libraries of online streaming services expanding more and more, choosing which movie to watch has become difficult. I will be digging through these online queues in hope of bringing...
October 20 2015

Why Crime Readers Should Be Reading Martin Amis: London Fields and Night Train

Martin Amis hails from distinguished literary stock, his father being Kingsley Amis (Lucky Jim), and his stepmother Elizabeth Jane Howard (The Cazalet Chronicle). A writer himself since the 1970s,...
September 9 2015

Literary Noir: The Stranger by Albert Camus (1942)

Albert Camus’ (1913-1960) name is synonymous with literary excellence, earned from a reputation carved from milestones such as The Stranger (1942), The Plague, (1947) and The Fall (1956). He was...
August 26 2015

From Page to Screen with Night and the City

In thinking about Jules Dassin’s 1950 work of film noir Night and the City in relation to the same-named 1938 novel by Gerald Kersh, one striking thing to consider is the fact that Dassin...
August 19 2015

Fresh Meat: Savage Lane by Jason Starr

Savage Lane by Jason Star is a thrilling noir that offers up a searing satire of a declining marriage, suburban life, and obsessive love (available October 13, 2015). “Every town has...
July 28 2015

The Essential Jim Gordon Stories, Or, When Gordon Became Batman

In the current storyline in DC’s Batman and Detective Comics, Jim Gordon’s shaved his mustache, ditched the overcoat, and done some serious body sculpting for his new job—the pilot...
July 20 2015

The Port of San Pedro: A New Noir Series

As undisputed fans of all things dark, chaotic, and deadly, it seems like it's our duty to bring to your attention The Port of San Pedro, an upcoming television series created by Cleo Valente. The...
July 15 2015

Fast Paced and Expensive Tastes: The Money Trap (1965)

I’ve written about one of Lionel White’s novels here before (The Big Caper), and now I’ve got some thoughts about a film based on one of his books. White is seen by many noir...
July 7 2015

Fresh Meat: Fast Shuffle by David Black

Fast Shuffle by David Black is a hard-boiled noir about a used-car salesman who believes he's a private detective straight from the pages of Raymond Chandler (available July 7, 2015). Fast Shuffle...
June 22 2015

10 of the Best Noir Novels of the 21st Century

Here we are, fifteen years into a new century, and many authors are churning out noir novels as essential as anything from its heyday. If you’re like me, when you think of the 90s, it feels about...
June 3 2015

Now That You’ve Watched Daredevil, Read These Comics

Daredevil’s thirteen-episode season was a non-stop crime noir thrill ride populated by characters that stayed with me long after my binge watch ended. The bad news: a second season won’t...