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November 8 2016

Which Fictional Sleuth Would You Vote for President?

As the presidential election campaigns end and the polls begin to close, we'd like to take a break from the real world and lose ourselves in our favorite place—a good book! From Agatha...
May 10 2016

Nero Wolfe Redux: A Conversation with Robert Goldsborough

Rex Stout’s beer-drinking, reclusive, genius detective, Nero Wolfe, was introduced to the world in 1934 to immediate and overwhelming acclaim. During the next 41 years, Mr. Stout wrote 33...
August 6 2015

And Now, The Starting Lineup for Your Maltese Falcons!

An observation I had in my years working for Sports Illustrated: athletes and the heroes of crime fiction have much in common, but most simply this—a ruthless clarity of purpose and an ability...
December 4 2014

Some Buried Caesar: 75 Years of Rex Stout’s High-Ground Gal, Lily Rowan

To Lily and Sally and all Rex Stout’s Gals who try to do the right thing. This is the 75th anniversary of the publication of Rex Stout’s Some Buried Caesar, the first time we meet...
August 1 2014

Back to the Beginning: Call for the Dead by John LeCarré

“Short, fat, and of a quiet disposition, he appeared to spend a lot of money on really bad clothes, which hung about his squat frame like skin on a shrunken toad.” That tag at the start...
June 6 2013

Archie Goodwin, Mystery’s Quintessential Hunk

Mystery author Rex Stout was, by all reports, a flirt. He loved beautiful women, and to him, most women were beautiful. According to his daughter, shortly before he died at age 87, Mr. Stout engaged...
May 26 2013

Addicted to Addicted Detectives

Crime fiction is cheerfully described as an addiction by many of its fans, including such diverse personalities as Sigmund Freud and Woodrow Wilson. Just as neurochemical addicts have an endless menu...
April 24 2013

Secretaries’ (aka Administrative Professionals’) Day: Mystery Edition

Philip Marlowe might not have had a secretary, but Sam Spade knew better. Who else do you trust to bring you the dingus but your loyal secretary? Who else can you depend on to fend off inconvenient...
June 4 2012

2012’s Nero Award Finalists Announced

The Wolfe Pack has announced its shortlist for the annual Nero Wolfe Award, bestowed during its Black Orchid festivities in December. The award was designed to recognize new tales of criminal detection...
May 2 2012

Nero Wolfe, Rex

Auctorial influence is a tricky thing, even for those writers whose style or choice of subject is consciously patterned (admittedly or otherwise) after another writer’s work. When confronted with...
March 26 2012

Isaac Asimov’s Black Widowers

The late Dr. Isaac Asimov was nothing if not prolific. By most estimates he turned out more than 500 books on a wide variety of topics in a working lifetime that apparently spanned about a half century....
July 8 2011

Nero Wolfe Leaves Home

I rarely leave my house. I do like it here. I would be an idiot to leave this chair, made to fit me.  Nero Wolfe - Before I Die Most of us are probably familiar with one or more high-profile...
June 15 2011

The Nero Award Nominees Announced

The Wolfe Pack was founded nearly thirty-five years ago to study, analyze, and thoroughly enjoy the numerous Nero Wolfe books and novellas written by Rex Stout. Although the club is headquartered in...
May 6 2011

Julia Spencer-Fleming’s First Detective: Freddy the Pig

For me, it was always Freddy. Other mystery lovers were given sets of Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys, or stumbled upon a row of old Agatha Christies shelved between two beams in the summer cottage....
May 3 2011

Pistol Envy: L.A. Noire and Forgotten Dicks

Set in a dramatically-colored 1947, strivers, sleazes, and sidewinders will be accompanied by loads of jazz in Rockstar Games' new video game to be released on May 17th in the...
May 2 2011

Rex Stout: An American Wit and Propagandist

Rex Stout was a propagandist. You might have thought he was only that author who came up with the enduring Nero Wolfe mysteries, featuring the larger-than-large, orchid-growing detective and his...