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Phil Hogan
January 15 2015

Six Obsessive Characters in Fiction

Sometimes it's love. Sometimes it's revenge. And sometimes it's the refusal to change. Obsession can hijack anyone, and Phil Hogan has compiled a list of six of the most obsessive characters...
April 19 2014

Vladimir Nabokov’s Hidden Noir: Despair

Mention the name Vladimir Nabokov and Lolita springs immediately to mind, and rightfully so. The 1955 novel is a flashpoint in 20th century literature, notable for its controversial subject matter:...
May 5 2011

The Mechanics of Suspense: Butterflies Are (Not) Free

Today’s hot marketplace for thrillers places a little red devil on crime writers’ shoulders, mercilessly reminding us to speed up the story at all costs:  “Faster, buddy boy. ...