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April 6 2015

Video Games: Training for Psychopaths... Maybe Saints?

In Norway, a high school teacher is using video games to teach ethical frameworks, reports Laura Hudson for FiveThirtyEight: The first time I played the “Walking Dead” video game,...
February 23 2015

This Head in a Jar Can Be Yours!

Whether to reinforce dieting aims or for sheer delight, who doesn't want their stainless steel or custom hardwood-veneer built-in fridge to boast a head in a jar? (I hear the Evans now have...
February 6 2015

Kids Reenacting 2015 Oscar Nominees

Have you seen the Oscar nominees for Best Picture? Maybe not like this. Kids play selected bits from each movie, and though it's only three minutes, there's so much excellence packed into that...
January 9 2015

What is it About Legos that Screams Death?

The memento mori continues to be updated for our times. This Lego video pierces us with the painful truth behind our entire existence, not just when stepping on one in bare feet. The School...
December 3 2014

Fresh Meat: Bad Machinery Vol. III: The Case of the Simple Soul by John Allison

Bad Machinery Vol. III: The Case of the Simple Soul by John Allison sees the return of the teenage Tackleford gang as they try to solve an arson case (available December 10, 2014). I greet...
November 5 2014

Jumping Beans Cause Bomb Scare

A report of a “ticking” package phoned in Saturday by a postal worker in Carlsbad, California turned out to be something no one would have expected. When the package was opened, the...
October 22 2014

In the Kitchen with Walter W.

Miss Breaking Bad so much you can taste it? So does Walter Wheat, the pseudonymous author of Baking Bad, a parody/tribute cookbook due out on October 28. True, Ricin Krispie Squares might not sound...
September 24 2014

Homeless Man Breaks into Police Station by Mistake

Normally criminals will do everything they can to avoid a police station, right? However, investigators say a man tried to break into the Shelburne Police Department. Local police say John...
September 23 2014

Knitting for Psychos

This is our idea of a holiday bizarre: gruesome violence depicted in cuddly yarn crafting! We're, um, informing you in advance, because handmade gifts are really so meaningful... All projects...
August 27 2014

Darth Vader’s Lightsaber Causes Bomb Scare

An old plastic lightsaber toy left on the side of the road in Alaska caused a bit of a bomb scare, prompting local police to call in their bomb expert. Last week, an unidentified resident became...
August 22 2014

Kids Say the Darndest Things: Kids Reenact Emmy-Nominated TV Shows

Do you love Mad Men, True Detective, Breaking Bad, and Game of Thrones? Well, you might just love them even more when you see Kids Reenact Emmy-Nominated TV Shows. The Emmys air this Monday, do...
August 20 2014

Trespassing Woman Kicked in Face by Zoo’s Giraffe

One zoo visitor made it a mission to see her favorite animal up close, however, the giraffe did not share her excitement at all. The woman, Amanda Hall of San Luis Obispo, California climbed...
August 1 2014

Nature’s Trimmest Figures Depend On Raw Food Juicing

Pouncing and ambushing only use so many calories when you're devouring food up to 3 times your size. And yet, we've never seen a spider with a Homer-Simpson belly like a python's. How do...
July 30 2014

Man Robs Restaurant and Returns for Lunch the Same Day

Here at Criminal Element we are not normally in the business of giving advice to the bad guys, but a man in Costa Mesa, California might want to rethink his love for the popular El Pollo Loco chain....
June 30 2014

30 Nefarious Ways to Celebrate the 4th of July

Among other invaluable services, the inimitable Janet Rudolph curates mysteries themed by holiday, and during vacation is when many of us have more time for crime! Here are a few Independence Day treats:   The...
June 17 2014

Scooby Doo Onesie Saved Me from a Beating

Why can't we all just have snacks and get along? A man in a Scooby Doo onesie for a fancy dress (read: costume) party was attacked at a pub by a woman (probably Old Man Quigley in disguise). According...
March 14 2014

Weren’t We Just Talking About Florida?

If you're keeping track, it was just two days ago that Jennifer Proffitt told us all about the Hampton, the Florida town that might be shut down due to corruption in the police department after...
March 8 2014

Fresh Meat: Bad Machinery Vol II: The Case Of The Good Boy by John Allison

Bad Machinery: The Case Of The Good Boy by John Allison is the second volume in the web comic series about the middle grade sleuths of Griswald's Grammar School in Tackleford, England (available...
March 6 2014

Babies Gunning For Trouble? Young Howitzer Seems Fine to Us name expert [Laura Wattenberg] took stock of the increase in gun and hunting-themed baby names. Her statistics [from 2002-2012] show a steady rise in firearm nomenclature.... “Colt,...
February 19 2014

A Big Mouth Billy Bass-Kicking

A would-be burglar in Minnesota fled after initially breaking into Hooked on Fishing, a bait and tackle shop, after unknowingly setting off the wall-mounted, motion-activated Big Mouth Billy Bass...
January 16 2014

Brad Meltzer’s Newest Heroes are Children

Brad Meltzer is best known for his thrillers that incorporate historical facts and politics but now he’s taking a swerve in his career path, branching out into children’s books with the...
December 18 2013

Low-Rent Robot Police On the Sniff in Silicon Valley

Via the International Business Times: Silicon Valley startup Knightscope has created robots that can replace policemen - and cost just $6.25 (£3.80) an hour to rent. The robots,...
December 17 2013

Holiday Havoc: 5 Warped, Weird, & Wonderful Christmas Graphic Novels

Christmas is a time where an overweight immortal man pilots a sleigh of flying reindeer across the globe, an angel shows a suicidal man the impact he’s had on the world, and spectral entities...
November 22 2013

Kermit the Frog, International Criminal?: Muppets Most Wanted Trailer

What happens when Kermit the Frog is mistaken for an international criminal? Muppets Most Wanted, of course! Ricky Gervais, Tina Fey, and Ty Burrell star in the sequel to 2011's Oscar-award-winning...
October 30 2013

The Master of the Who-Dunnit: Dr. Seuss

Theodor Seuss Geisel was born in Massachusetts in 1904. He attended Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, where he spent much of his time working on the school humor magazine the Jack-O-Lantern. After...
October 15 2013

Fresh Meat: Double Vision: Code Name 711 by F.T. Bradley

Double Vision: Code Name 711 by F.T. Bradley is the second book in the Double Vision kid espionage mystery series (available October 15, 2013). Lincoln Baker is just trying to live life. He’s...
October 7 2013

Now Win This!: Kids’ Top Secret Spy Kit

F.T. Bradley's latest book in her Double Vision middle grade series is coming out on October 15. In honor of that release, Ms. Bradley has put together a special prize pack with signed copies of...
October 2 2013

The Young Crime-Solving Protégés: Top 5 Kid Detectives

Kid Detectives: The Young Crime-Solving Protégés Encyclopedia Brown possess a skill many of us wish we had or wish we were better at — knowing just about everything. If I had...
September 25 2013

The Digital Detective: Nancy Drew Video Games

She is the undisputed Queen of Girl Sleuths, the Uber-Goddess with a roadster, so it should be no surprise that the Nancy Drew Mystery Games by Her Interactive, truly truly have no peer in the realm. And...
August 22 2013

Fresh Meat: Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant by Tony Cliff

Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant by Tony Cliff is a graphic novel about an alternate 19th century, where an adventuress takes a new friend and a flying boat to rob a Sultan (available August...