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August 3 2015

Major Crimes: More to the Story...Online!

This season, Major Crimes introduced webisodes – bite-sized segments of story released on YouTube and the TNT website to augment the story that aired on TV. Released each Monday night right...
July 7 2015

Fresh Meat: The Fraud by Brad Parks

The Fraud by Brad Parks is the 6th mystery in the Carter Ross series about the Newark, New Jersey journalist (available July 7, 2015). The Fraud grabbed me from page one. I’d been reading...
July 2 2015

Summer TV: A Digital Tour of Europe

I hate watching reruns of mystery and crime TV shows I’ve already seen—it’s not much fun to tune in when you already know who did it. And, while the networks offer plenty of summer...
June 20 2015

Fresh Meat: Run You Down by Julia Dahl

Run You Down by Julia Dahl is the 2nd murder mystery in the Rebekah Roberts series about a NYC reporter who's immersed herself in the closed-door Hasidic community (available June 30, 2015). Run...
February 26 2015

Fresh Meat: Broken Window by Dorothy H. Hayes

Broken Window by Dorothy H. Hayes is set in NYC in the summer of 1984 — a time when the subway was not a safe place for travel, as evidenced by a missing NYU student (available March 3, 2015)....
December 5 2014

Newspaper Turns Frown Upside Down, Circulation Plummets

  Recently, The City Reporter in Russia promised to publish only good news, and circulation dropped by 80%. No one felt compelled to buy tales about happy tots with baskets of friendly...
October 7 2014

Fresh Meat: Truth Be Told by Hank Phillippi Ryan

Truth Be Told by Hank Phillippi Ryan is the third novel featuring Jane Ryland and Jake Brogan, a Boston journalist and cop, whose new investigations of murder amid shady foreclosures and the cold...
July 29 2014

New Trailer for Nightcrawler: The City Shines Brightest at Night

In the new trailer for the upcoming film Nightcrawler, Jake Gyllenhaal plays Lou Bloom, an aspiring journalist who speeds around the the streets of Los Angeles in the middle of the night looking...
Leslie Gilbert Elman
July 28 2014

Poirot: “The Big Four”

The “Big Four” has a particular meaning in this episode of Poirot, but to those of us who love him as played by David Suchet, the “Big Four” can only refer to Captain Hastings...
July 27 2014

The Movies of 1944: Laura

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of film noir’s landmark year, we’re looking at the six key films of 1944: Double Indemnity, Laura, Murder My Sweet, Phantom Lady, When Strangers Marry,...
May 2 2014

Fresh Meat: Invisible City by Julia Dahl

Invisible City by Julia Dahl is about a murder in a Hasidic NYC community, and the only way for hopeful big-city reporter Rebekah to catch the killer is to must immerse herself in the traditionally...
April 15 2014

Fresh Meat: The Long Shadow by Liza Marklund

The Long Shadow by Liza Marklund, translated from Swedish by Neil Smith, is the eighth featuring Stockholm reporter Annika Bengzton, who'll  jet to Spain's glitzy Costa del Sol to investigate...
April 12 2014

Fresh Meat: The Axe Factor by Colin Cotterill

The Axe Factor by Colin Cotterill is the third Jimm Juree Mystery about a relocated news reporter in rural Thailand who finds herself entwined with a suspicious crime writer (available April 15, 2014). The...
March 5 2014

Fresh Meat: Providence Rag by Bruce DeSilva

Providence Rag, the third book in the Liam Mulligan series by Bruce DeSilva, forces a journalist to dig through his town's archives in order to keep a convicted serial killer in jail (available...
February 1 2014

Fresh Meat: Death of an Irish Diva by Mollie Cox Bryan

Death of an Irish Diva by Mollie Cox Bryan is the third in the Cumberland Creek series featuring a small town's residents (and scrapbookers) dealing with a dance teacher's death and one backyard's...
January 21 2014

Fresh Meat: Bad Wolf by Nele Neuhaus

Bad Wolf by Nele Neuhaus is the second translated novel in the Pia Kirchhoff and Oliver von Bodenstein detective series (available January 21, 2014). Nele Neuhaus knows how to kickstart a story....
January 7 2014

Fresh Meat: Delivering Death by Julie Kramer

Delivering Death by Julie Kramer is the 6th mystery featuring Minneapolis investigative reporter Riley Spartz (available January 7, 2014). One of my favorite things about reading a new-to-me author...
October 28 2013

Fresh Meat: Keeping Secrets by Cathi Stoler

Keeping Secrets by Cathi Stoler is the second novel in the Laurel and Helen New York Mystery series, in which the reporter and private eye team up to help a young women in fear of her life (available...
October 25 2013

Fresh Meat: Montana by Gwen Florio

Montana by Gwen Florio is a debut mystery featuring war correspondent Lola Wicks (available October 25, 2013). I’m no great fan of prologues. I find they tend to distract more than they add...
October 24 2013

Fresh Meat: Silent City by Alex Segura

Silent City by Alex Segura is the first book in a new series about reporter-turned-P.I., Pete Fernandez (available October 29, 2013). It takes a hard man to become a private investigator. ...
October 11 2013

Fresh Meat: Buried Leads by LynDee Walker

Buried Leads  by LynDee Walker is the second Nichelle Clarke Headlines in High Heels Mystery about a Virginia journalist (available October 15, 2013). Nichelle Clarke is a reporter for the...
September 8 2013

Fresh Meat: The Wrong Girl by Hank Phillippi Ryan

The Wrong Girl by Hank Phillippi Ryan is the second thriller set in Boston featuring journalist Jane Ryland and police detective Jake Brogan (September 10,2013). Read on for an audiobook excerpt...
March 27 2013

Fresh Meat: Murder at the P & Z by Dorothy H. Hayes

Murder at the P & Z by Dorothy H. Hayes is a traditional mystery featuring a schoolteacher-turned-reporter-turned-amateur sleuth (available April 1, 2013). It’s 1983 and hardworking reporter,...
March 5 2013

Fresh Meat: The Good Cop by Brad Parks

The Good Cop by Brad Parks is the fourth mystery featuring investigative reporter Carter Ross (available March 5, 2013). Among the many reasons I enjoy being a newspaper reporter—not the least...
February 21 2013

Still Stalking Kolchak

It was January 11, 1972.  A made-for-TV movie debuted on ABC that would turn out to be the highest rated to date. This movie was The Night Stalker and it was America’s introduction to the...
January 30 2013

Fresh Meat: A Cold and Lonely Place by Sara J. Henry

A Cold and Lonely Place by Sara J. Henry is the second traditional mystery following journalist Troy Chance (available February 5, 2013). Freelance writer Troy Chance is snapping photos of the Saranac...
January 27 2013

Have You Seen This Woman?: A Slow News Day for Movie Prop

Journalists always prefer a little murder and mayhem to liven up the headlines. But recently while sifting through the Internet, a user pointed out that the same newspaper had been used in a lot of...
January 22 2013

Fresh Meat: The Sixth Station by Linda Stasi

The Sixth Station by Linda Stasi is a thriller involving international politics, terrorism, and a charismatic and potentially deadly, religious leader (available January 22, 2013). The Sixth Station...
October 20 2012

You Can’t Handle the Truth, So Escape with Some Crime Fiction

I’ve shaken hands with killers. I’ve stood outside their homes and drunk their coffee and made snide remarks about the state of their curtains. I’ve watched them tearfully appeal...
October 3 2012

Fresh Meat: Golden Dawn by Thomas M. Kostigen

Golden Dawn by Thomas M. Kostigen is an international terrorist thriller (available October 16, 2012). Travel is a key element of the suspense novel, Golden Dawn by Thomas M. Kostigen, and I promise...