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January 15 2016

Mr. Holmes: The Complete Solution of Sherlock Holmes

From the moment advertising of Mr. Holmes began, I was certain that I would see the film. My love for Sherlock Holmes began at what I consider quite a young age. The Great Detective was included...
January 4 2016

No Ghosts Need Apply: BBC Sherlock’s “The Abominable Bride”

It is a fairly widely known fact that I will watch practically anything relevant to Sherlock Holmes and walk away happier than I was previously, always excepting Rupert Everett and his pair of...
January 25 2014

Fresh Meat: The Arnifour Affair by Gregory Harris

The Arnifour Affair by Gregory Harris is the first book in the Colin Pendragon historical, detective mystery series (available January 28, 2014). A genius detective and his faithful partner are...
January 20 2014

Sherlock Episode 3.01 “The Empty Hearse”

Once upon a time, a hero who feared losing everything—including those most dear to him, though such individuals were few and far between—died in order to bring down a criminal mastermind...
November 26 2013

#SherlockLives in the new teaser for Sherlock Season 3

We all know that Sherlock lives, but the biggest mystery is why that caterpillar calmly resting upon John's upper lip how? It looks like Sherlock doesn't care what the affect his apparent...
September 23 2013

Deducing What’s Next on Elementary

Elementary’s revolutionary take on the classic characters of Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes stories quickly enthralled viewers, despite worry from Sherlockians. The show received positive...
September 20 2013

The Science of Deduction: First Official Season 3 Sherlock Photos

The Season 3 premiere date is still a few months off, slated for a January 2014 airing, but Sherlock fans have something to ogle while they wait with the first official Sherlock Season 3 set photos....
September 7 2013

Holmes 2.0: Life in the New Sherlockian Renaissance

I recently met a lovely woman. She was young, and attractive, and smiling, and redheaded—in short, she seemed perfectly normal.  After about five minutes, however, I’d identified that...
August 19 2013

Sherlock: A Love Story

In a total misreading of the BBC hit...or not...a South Korean channel, OCN ran trailers for Sherlock, with a little editing. For those of you who are Sherlock and Watson shippers, you might...
August 8 2013

Elementary, My Dear Eames. Goren is Sherlock: An Appreciation of Law & Order: Criminal Intent

A detective with a past that includes mental instability and difficulty connecting emotionally, a professional woman assigned as his partner/handler, and a female arch-nemesis. It sounds like the...
December 11 2012

Sherlock Deduces It’s Love, Obviously

I have not found the original source of this genius mash-up, though I first saw it here. If it’s your creation, please let me know, so we may supply adequate kudos and clappy-hands. Is anyone...
Leslie Gilbert Elman
September 19 2012

Quick, Watson! The (Scavenger) Hunt is On!

When the creators of Elementary wanted to promote the show’s debut with a Sherlock-themed scavenger hunt, New York-based Watson Adventures (Yes, that’s their real name!) was the natural...
Leslie Gilbert Elman
May 14 2012

Down, Dog! Sherlock Encounters “The Hounds of Baskerville”

“A 20-year-old disappearance.  A monstrous hound. Wouldn’t miss this for the world.” Literally climbing the walls—or at least the furniture—for lack of a case...
April 12 2012

Sherlock Holmes’ Odder Fodder: Curious Books Featuring the Great Detective

As of May 2011, Guinness World Records claimed that Sherlock Holmes was “the most frequently recurring character on screen,” having been portrayed in 238 films. As far as books that chronicle...
February 29 2012

The Good Doctor: Big and Small Screen Incarnations of Sherlock Holmes’s Better Half, Part 2

Yesterday in Part 1, we examined three Watsons (speaking of which, did you catch The Two Watsons comic?), but there are more modern Watsons yet to peruse. As I said when we began: this one’s...
February 28 2012

The Good Doctor: Big and Small Screen Incarnations of Sherlock Holmes’s Better Half, Part 1

He emerges from a hellscape, bullet-pierced and feverish. Still game for trouble and drawn to the dangers that lurk in the dark. He survived a war-torn desert by the very skin of his teeth, and all...
February 28 2012

CBS Flips Sherlock’s Script: Lucy Liu as Joan Watson?

Well, this may be a better sign, I think. CBS’s new crime series Elementary really needed to flip the script somehow, so as not to seem derivative of other *ahem* modern Sherlock Holmes updates. ...
February 21 2012

Hark! A Vagrant: The Case of the Two Watsons

We’re big fans of Holmes and Watson, and we know you are, too. Through the years, Holmes has had many incarnations, but Watson perhaps even more. And not all of them are equally apropos. Hmmm, do...
January 17 2012

Sherlock:“The Reichenbach Fall” and The Hero’s Free Tour of the Underworld

In December of 1893, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was guilty of the premeditated and willful murder of Mr. Sherlock Holmes of Baker Street, a consulting detective of some public renown. “I have had...
January 4 2012

BBC’s Sherlock Season 2: A Scandal in Belgravia

[No, you did not miss the US premiere of the BBC’s Sherlock Season 2. Some of us watched the UK feed and were anxious to discuss it. Believe me, we’ll be doing so again on May 6, when it...
December 19 2011

Sherlock Season 2 Scenes!

Ready for Sherlock season 2 to start? So are we. To tide us over till the show makes it’s way here, we found these couple of scenes from episode 1 of the new season, “A Scandal in Belgravia”....
December 17 2011

Golden Age Sidekicks: The Heirs of John Watson

I don’t think it would surprise many people to know that I consider John Watson, M.D., to be the prototype for most of the sidekicks in Golden Age detective novels. He’s possibly unique, though,...
December 9 2011

Crime Fiction’s Ten Greatest Bromances

As a genre, mystery is famous for its loners, guys like Jack Reacher, Monk and Lucas Davenport. But mysteries are also rife with bromances, all you have to do is look. What exactly is a bromance? The...
November 4 2011

Holmes Coping with Alzheimers Comedy Sketch: Depressing?

If you are a fan of British comedy, which tends to be more focused on literary references and word play, you may already find yourself a fan of BBC’s That Mitchell and Webb Look. The sketch that...
July 11 2011

Sneak Peeks from the set of Sherlock!

Can’t wait for the new episodes of BBC’s Sherlock? Neither can we! But there is good news, nail-biters!  Thanks to a friendly fan, we have some great pictures of the whole Sherlock crew...
June 12 2011

Holmes & Watson: On Your Case (Week 2)

In perplexing matters of the heart, conundrums involving social occasions, shopping tips, or any number of mysteries one might face in their daily lives, there is one place to turn for help: Sherlock...
May 27 2011

Holmes & Watson: On Your Case

Just around the corner from the Tor offices, a Victorian Era flat with the address 221B Baker Street has miraculously materialized. The crack in space/time through which this miracle has occurred is...
May 9 2011

BBC’s Sherlock: “The Great Game”

or A Good Nemesis is Hard to Find Sir Arthur Conan Doyle famously thought about as much of writing new tales for his Great Detective as Scarlett O’Hara thought of farming her own vegetables. ...
May 1 2011

BBC’s Sherlock: “The Blind Banker”

or the End of a Perfectly Good Moustache The adventures of Sherlock Holmes, as they were genuine adventures, were always embellished with flourishes of the exotic.  Doyle knew his audience,...