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February 23 2018

Review: The Night at the Crossroads by Georges Simenon

The Night at the Crossroads by Georges Simenon is the seventh book in the Maigret series—a sensational tale of deceit and back-stabbing in an isolated community. The Night at the Crossroads was...
January 24 2018

Review: The Grand Banks Café by Georges Simenon

The Grand Banks Café by Georges Simenon is the eighth book in the Inspector Maigret series, a gripping novel set in an insular fishing community. There’s a subgenre of mystery fiction...
January 10 2018

Review: Maigret, Lognon and the Gangsters by Georges Simenon

Maigret, Lognon and the Gangsters by Georges Simenon is the 39th book in the Maigret series, where Maigret goes up against a group of American gangsters and finds he just might have met his match. Maigret,...
January 3 2018

Georges Simenon and the Top 6 Maigret Mystery Novels

The Belgian novelist Georges Simenon was a monster. I’m not talking about his failures as a human being, which apparently included being a faithless husband, a wartime opportunist, and a...
January 25 2016

Long Haul by A.I. Bezzerides

“I like to write about reality.” A.I. Bezzerides (1908-2007) says that, among other things, in the 2005 documentary that was made about his life and work: The Long Haul of A.I....
June 22 2015

10 of the Best Noir Novels of the 21st Century

Here we are, fifteen years into a new century, and many authors are churning out noir novels as essential as anything from its heyday. If you’re like me, when you think of the 90s, it feels about...
November 6 2014

Fire, Brimstone, and a Loaded .38: The Rise and Fall of J. Frank Norris

J. Frank Norris was a fundamentalist preacher who believed in the literal interpretation of scripture, but he was a little lax on the whole “turn the other cheek” injunction. On July...
March 18 2012

Noir’s Hard Luck Ladies: Joan Bennett

The classic femme fatale had many attributes. She was always sexy. She was usually greedy. And she was never ever to be trifled with. All of that is bound up in our basic idea of the femme fatale,...
December 20 2011

Fresh Meat: Hell on Church Street by Jake Hinkson

Aside from a few times on airplanes, I don’t read books in a day. I started Hell on Church Street in the morning and before the clock rolled over to tomorrow, I was done. I’ve admired Jake Hinkson’s...