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August 25 2015

Fresh Meat: Jade Dragon Mountain by Elsa Hart

Jade Dragon Mountain is the debut mystery by Elsa Hart set in China in 1708 featuring the exiled librarian Li Du (available September 1, 2015). Here are some of things I know about China: Ming vases,...
August 8 2015

Intelligence vs. Spies

spy NOUN: pl. spies An agent employed by a state to obtain secret information, especially of a military nature, concerning its potential or actual enemies. One employed by a company...
July 13 2015

Fresh Meat: Assassins by Mukul Deva

Assassins by Mukul Deva is an international thriller that jumps between London and India and follows Ravinder Singh Gill as he tries to stop a high-profile double assassination (available July 14, 2015). The...
June 24 2015

Fresh Meat: The Assassins by Gayle Lynds

The Assassins by Gayle Lynds is a thriller where six international assassins, each assembled from a dark corner of the globe, team up together to steal a fortune from the middle of a Middle Eastern...
April 28 2015

Now Win This!: Global Getaway Sweepstakes

It's time to pack your bags and escape away from everything in these eight global getaways. Just don't forget to pack your camera! Click here to enter for a chance to win! This...
February 21 2015

Fresh Meat: Mightier than the Sword by Jeffrey Archer

Mightier than the Sword by Jeffrey Archer is the fifth installment in The Clifton Chronicles (available February 24, 2015). This is Jeffrey Archer’s fifth entry in the Clifton Chronicles and...
February 21 2015

Fresh Meat: The Outsiders by Gerald Seymour

The Outsiders by Gerald Seymour is an espionage thriller featuring MI5 agent Winnie Monks who follows a Russian crime czar to Spain for revenge of a brutal murder from years ago (available February...
February 13 2015

Fresh Meat: Someone to Watch Over Me by Yrsa Sigurdardóttir

Someone to Watch Over Me by Yrsa Sigurdardóttir is the 5th legal thriller set in Iceland featuring attorney Thóra Gudmundsdóttir (available February 17, 2015). That chill...
January 20 2015

Now Win This!: 3x3 Sweepstakes

The best things in life come in threes, and this sweepstakes proves it with a contemporary high-tech Swedish trilogy, three of the Clifton Chronicles, set in the U.K. in the aftermath of WWI, and...
September 5 2014

Fresh Meat: Night of the Jaguar by Joe Gannon

Night of the Jaguar is the debut thriller from Joe Gannon about a a former Sandinista guerrilla comandante turned cop who investigates a string of political executions (available September 9, 2014). Jaguars...
August 26 2014

Now Win This!: Thrillers and Killers Sweepstakes

This sweepstakes features six books and one ebook that will leave you checking your back. Nowhere is safe! Register to enter for a chance to win! Click here to enter for a chance to win! This...
April 28 2014

Spring Crime in Paris Blooms with Possibilities

In spring, is there anywhere more seductive than France? In case you're itching for some armchair travel, here are links with something to fill any francophile crime fan with joie de vivre: Looking...
April 23 2014

Game of Pawns: FBI Creates Anti-Spying Short Film

Game of Pawns: No, it's not the cutthroat tale of four families desperately trying to take over a throne pawnshop, it's the story of Glenn Duffie Shriver, an American student who was tricked/paid/recruited...
February 15 2014

Fresh Meat: Dead Water by Ann Cleeves

Dead Water by Ann Cleeves is the fifth book in the Shetland Island mystery series, featuring the return of Inspector Jimmy Perez as he helps Detective Inspector Willow Reeves solve the murder of a journalist...
February 14 2014

Stole My Heart: Valentine’s Day is Illegal?

Could you be in a country that has banned, outlawed, or strongly urged against the celebration of this holiday? Well, if you're at the Olympics this year, then your answer is YES. Russia, among...
February 11 2014

Fresh Meat: Sherlock Holmes And The Vampires Of London by Sylvain Cordurie and Laci

Sherlock Holmes and the Vampires of London is a graphic novel written by Sylvain Cordurie and illustrated by Laci about The Great Detective's post-Reichenbach return to London to face a plague of...
February 11 2014

Fresh Meat: The Dealer and the Dead by Gerald Seymour

The Dealer and the Dead is the 27th international thriller by Gerald Seymour, featuring a small Croatian village that plans its revenge for decades following a deadly betrayal by an arms dealer (available...
February 4 2014

Announcing the 2014 Left Coast Crime Awards Nominees!

More award news! Left Coast Crime will be oceanside in Monterey, California this year (thus the monikker Calamari Crime), and here is its recently announced list of nominated honorees! [For Humor,...
January 27 2014

Fresh Meat: Beyond Belief by Helen Smith

Beyond Belief by Helen Smith is the fourth book in the contemporary mystery series featuring amateur sleuth Emily Castles (available January 28, 2014). I love a mystery with a spunky amateur sleuth,...
January 21 2014

Fresh Meat: Bad Wolf by Nele Neuhaus

Bad Wolf by Nele Neuhaus is the second translated novel in the Pia Kirchhoff and Oliver von Bodenstein detective series (available January 21, 2014). Nele Neuhaus knows how to kickstart a story....
January 18 2014

The Dark Collaborations: Japanese Noir from Seichō Matsumoto and Yoshitarō Nomura

One can’t really describe the Japanese mystery writer Seichō Matsumoto by comparing him to his English language equivalent because, in all the ways that matter, he has no equivalent. (The writer...
December 17 2013

Now Win This!: Cold Deeds Sweepstakes

In every era and around the world, cold hearts lead to cold deeds. Whether historical, international, procedural, or supernatural, this sweepstakes for five new crime novels has guaranteed chills! Click...
November 22 2013

Kermit the Frog, International Criminal?: Muppets Most Wanted Trailer

What happens when Kermit the Frog is mistaken for an international criminal? Muppets Most Wanted, of course! Ricky Gervais, Tina Fey, and Ty Burrell star in the sequel to 2011's Oscar-award-winning...
October 10 2013

Fresh Meat: Just One Evil Act by Elizabeth George

Just One Evil Act by Elizabeth George is the seventeenth installment of the Inspector Lynley series (available October 15, 2013). Inspector Thomas Lynley, the eighth earl of Asherton, and Detective...
October 4 2013

Michael Fassbender is The Counselor

Corruption is only the beginning of the day for Michael Fassbender, and we don't think even this smooth talking Irishman can get out of being the patsy in a den of thieves. What do you...
Leslie Gilbert Elman
October 4 2013

Fresh Meat: Death on Demand by Paul Thomas

Death on Demand by Paul Thomas is a police procedural featuring Maori detective Tito Ihaka and set in Auckland, New Zealand (available October 8, 2013). Tito Ihaka possesses all the qualities that...
September 30 2013

Fresh Meat: Let the Old Dreams Die by John Ajvide Lindqvist

Let the Old Dreams Die by John Ajvide Lindqvist is a horrifying and chilling short fiction anthology, translated from the Swedish by Ebba Segerberg (available October 1, 2013). Before I started...
September 23 2013

Have You Seen This Clown?

If you live in Northampton, England, you likely have. A man dressed as a clown (pictured above) has been walking around the town and creeping out residents. Some people believe it's all an elaborate...
September 12 2013

Fresh Meat: Strange Bird by Anna Jansson

Strange Bird by Anna Jansson, set in Sweden on the island of Gotland, is Book One of the fourteen books in the Maria Wern series, translated into English by Paul Norlen (available September 17, 2013.) Something...
September 10 2013

Now Win This!: The Paul Cleave Sweepstakes

    This Sweepstakes has ended. Summer may be over, but we're giving you one more chance to get away with a full set of seven Paul Cleave novels! Set in Christchurch,...