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April 18 2016

The Strangler Vine by M.J. Carter

The Strangler Vine by M.J. Carter is the 1st Blake and Avery Mystery, set in the untamed wilds of nineteenth-century colonial India. It is nominated for an Edgar Award for “Best Novel.” “You’re...
July 13 2015

Fresh Meat: Assassins by Mukul Deva

Assassins by Mukul Deva is an international thriller that jumps between London and India and follows Ravinder Singh Gill as he tries to stop a high-profile double assassination (available July 14, 2015). The...
October 27 2014

Bollywood Heist Film is Many More Movies in One

At almost three hours, Happy New Year is a film with the run time to contain its comedic diamond heist, Bollywood dance competition spectacular, high-budget action flick, and then revenge film...
March 19 2014

Not Poirot. I Said a Parrot Solved This Murder!

From The Times of India: Neelam, wife of Vijay Sharma, the editor of a Hindi daily, was found murdered at her residence on February 20. Her husband noticed a change in the behaviour of the parrot...
August 6 2013

Fresh Meat: Artifact by Gigi Pandian

Artifact by Gigi Pandian is a traditional mystery debut and the first in the Jaya Jones Treasure Hunt series, in which a historian's led by a jewel-encrusted Indian artifact to a Scottish legend...
July 3 2013

Fresh Meat: Skinner by Charlie Huston

Skinner by Charlie Huston is a futuristic thriller about the intersection of spycraft, technology, and people (available July 9, 2013). Aasif’s parents had a dream for him. Not so unlike millions...
April 18 2013

Fresh Meat: Mumbai Confidential Book 1: Good Cop, Bad Cop by Saurav Mohapatra and Vivek Shinde

Mumbai Confidential Book 1: Good Cop, Bad Cop by Saurav Mohapatra and Vivek Shinde is a hard-boiled graphic novel set in Mumbai (available April 23, 2013). Hard-boiled crime fiction the world over,...
December 8 2012

Hope She’s Calling Her Lawyer!

Talk about a gag order! A village in India has prohibited the use of cell phones…by women. The Times of India recently reported that the local municipality near the city of Patna in northern...
Leslie Gilbert Elman
June 5 2011

Culture in Translation: Like That, Talk We Don’t

Still wrapped in my dilemma over whether Indians really speak as they do in Tarquin Hall’s Vish Puri novels (The Case of the Missing Servant and The Case of the Man Who Died Laughing), I asked some...
Leslie Gilbert Elman
May 7 2011

Africa, India, and Alexander the Great

I like my cozies atmospheric and literate, and right now the prolific Alexander McCall Smith, who writes the “No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency” books along with other series, is my benchmark...