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October 25 2012

Go Ahead, Push the Jolly, Candy-Red Button!

You’re pressing your screen now, aren’t you? Who can resist? Here’s the sting after a seductive button is centrally placed, all shiny-red and ripe, in the center of a town square in...
August 8 2012

Lies, All Lies!: The Appeal of Deception

At the heart of every mystery story—at the heart of every criminal plot—there is a central deception. It may involve the means by which the crime was committed, or the method of escape,...
February 5 2012

Today’s Also the Super Bowl for Scammers

One of the biggest live events every year, and perhaps especially this one, is the Super Bowl.  Bringing tons of attention, fans, tourism, and merchandise sales, of course, action like this attracts...
August 11 2011

Mug Shots: Getting Ugly in Florida

For many years, The Smoking Gun has been publishing booking photos of celebrities. It’s all public record, but it does seem a bit like kicking someone when they’re down.  How sorry...
June 6 2011

The Photographic Noir: Criminal Portraits from Sydney Police 1912-1948

Perhaps the least glamorous photography of the human subject is that of the police mug shot. Well, living subjects anyhow. Crime scene and autopsy photos may be less flattering still. Yet these beautiful...
June 3 2011

The Art of the Heist: Caper-Lovers Will Never Be ‘Out of the Game’

If the detective mystery is the father of crime fiction and noir the alcoholic uncle, then the caper is the lovable nev’r-do-well cousin. Well, I take that back. Capers are doing quite well,...