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October 31 2017

The Warren Case Files: Fact or Fiction?

The average person would be shocked—not to mention terrified—if objects suddenly started flying around their bedroom. If black figures began lurking in the corners, glimpsed only from...
October 27 2017

Stranger Things, It, and the Rise of Nostalgia Horror

According to innumerable think-pieces—and I use the term with the utmost sarcasm—Millennials are killing just about everything from napkins to the diamond market. It shouldn’t...
October 23 2017

Discount: Necroscope by Brian Lumley

Twenty years ago, the horror world was forever altered by the publication of Necroscope. An instant classic, Brian Lumley's astonishing feat of imagination spawned a universe that Lumley has...
October 18 2017

Discount: Snowblind by Christopher Golden

One small, New England town is taken by storm―and nothing will ever be the same. Get a digital copy of Christopher Golden's chilling horror novel Snowblind for only $2.99 through the...
June 19 2017

Watch the Chilling Trailer for Happy Death Day

Living the same day over and over in a Groundhog Day-style nightmare is bad enough—but what if each of those days ended in your brutal murder? That’s the premise for Blumhouse’s...
November 17 2016

Review: The Best of the Horror Zine: The Early Years, edited by Jeani Rector

The Best of the Horror Zine: The Early Years is an anthology edited by Jeani Rector that features horror short stories collected from the best of the first four anthologies from this award-winning,...
October 31 2016

Halloween Discount: Spooky Ebooks for Sale!

The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor by Robert Kirkman & Jay Bonansinga In the Walking Dead universe, there is no greater villain than The Governor. The despot who runs the walled-off...
October 28 2016

Four Color Criminal Nightmares: Comics to Get Crime Fans in the Halloween Spirit

October is upon us, which is the season where we celebrate ghosts, goblins, and all things scary. October is a great time to be a horror fan, but it’s also a pretty good time to be a crime...
October 27 2016

The Horror Hostess with the Mostest: Elvira, Mistress of the Dark

Before Joel, Mike, and the Bots mocked B-movies for Mystery Science Theater... Before Cinematic Titanic and Rifftrax... There was the bodacious, curvaceous, outrageous Elvira. The alter...
October 25 2016

Which Slasher Film Killer Are You?

Slasher films have created some of the world's most recognizable monsters. From Michael Myers to Jason Voorhees, these monsters were especially scary because, unlike Godzilla or other creature feature...
October 24 2016

Beauty & the B-Movie: Loving a Hated Genre

What is a B-movie? Some—dismissive and so-called “highbrow” critics—say B-movies are irredeemable dreck. A waste of celluloid, money, and precious time. Films that scraped...
October 18 2016

What Is Your Favorite B-Movie Horror Classic?

Ahhh, the B movie. Originally coined as the lower half, less publicized film on the bill of a double feature, the B movie has evolved to encompass any film that appears to be particularly genre,...
August 13 2016

Outcast 1.10 Season Finale: “This Little Light” Episode Review

A freshly-possessed Megan’s (Wrenn Schmidt) musings over her new body—and dead husband—are interrupted by daughter Holly and niece Amber (Madeleine McGraw), who promptly drop...
August 6 2016

Outcast 1.09: “Close to Home” Episode Review

In this penultimate episode of Season One, we pick up in the woods—where Megan (Wrenn Schmidt) is busy picking up the shattered glass from her recent “therapy session.”  Her...
July 30 2016

Outcast 1.08: “What Lurks Within” Episode Review

This week, we get a better look at Evil Data/Sidney—and any lingering feelings of fondness we may have held onto thanks to actor Brent Spiner's turn as a beloved android in Star Trek:...
July 26 2016

Carnival of Souls: The Unlikely Masterpiece

It’s hard to know where to begin in writing about Carnival of Souls, the eerie cult classic horror film from 1962, which has just been given the Criterion Collection treatment in a new Blu-Ray...
July 23 2016

Outcast 1.07: “The Damage Done” Episode Review

Anderson (Philip Glenister) is cleaning up the aftermath of his bloody encounter with Evil Data/Sidney (Brent Spiner)—good God, talk about a bathroom of horrors—when Chief Giles (Reg...
July 21 2016

Why We Are Fascinated with Hell, the Devil, and Monsters

Teddy Jameson awakens nude and confused in what appears to be a tropical paradise. His guide looks like Brad Pitt and the grounds look like a Sandals Resort. Nice, right? The only problem is...
July 16 2016

Outcast 1.06: “From the Shadows it Watches” Episode Review

I don't know about you, but there are few things I enjoy more than a night in with a glass of booze and a stack of movies.  The VHS tapes Reverend Anderson (Philip Glenister) has selected...
July 12 2016

What Is the Best Zombie Movie?

Zombies. The Undead. Walkers. Biters.  Whatever you call them, they've left there imprint on the horror genre, ever since the release of Victor Halperin's White Zombie in 1932....
July 9 2016

Outcast 1.05: “The Road Before Us” Episode Review

In the wake of last week's revelations about the demonically afflicted in Rome, West Virginia, Kyle (Patrick Fugit) is in something of a tailspin of worry about his estranged wife, Allison...
June 25 2016

Outcast 1.04: “A Wrath Unseen” Episode Review

Boy, nothing says depressing quite like a funeral with only three attendants—and of those three, Kyle (Patrick Fugit), is the only one that doesn't have to be there.  Poor neighbor...
June 18 2016

Outcast 1.03: “All Alone Now” Episode Review

Police partners and long-time friends, Brock (Lee Tergesen) and Luke (JR Bourne), go bowling as a double-date with Luke's wife and a friend—but Brock's not acting like himself. He's...
June 11 2016

Outcast 1.02: “(I Remember) When She Loved Me” Episode Review

Picking up right where we left off last week, little Joshua is still carrying the marks of his exorcism. Reverend Anderson (Philip Glenister) is rabble-rousing his congregation. Kyle (Patrick Fugit)...
June 4 2016

Outcast Series Premiere 1.01: “A Darkness Surrounds Him”

I've been a horror fan for half of my life. My comfort films include John Carpenter's The Thing and Dawn of the Dead; they're just the thing to perk me up after an especially rotten...
May 16 2016

Chilling Teaser Trailer for The Woods

A group of young, attractive kids go into the woods and they’re not alone…something is out to get them. We’ve seen it a thousand times—so much so that we all have to wonder...
May 13 2016

“The Scarlet Cosmos”

Check out this cocktail inspired by Clive Barker's The Scarlet Gospels, and then make sure you're signed in and comment at the bottom for a chance to win a copy of the conclusion to the...
April 8 2016

Follow Me into Weird Worlds: DC’s The Phantom Stranger

Ask me my favorite superhero—that's easy. The one character whose comics I want to be buried with; the guy I would dress as at Comicon, were I to be so lame; the hero whose powers I would...
March 24 2016

Follow Me into Weird Worlds: DC’s Horror and Supernatural Comics

The first stirrings might have begun with the Deadman, an acrobatically-inclined ghost who inhabited the bodies of mortals for a few moments at a time; or it might have really become a trend when...
March 7 2016

The Witch: Are You a Good Witch or a Bad Witch?

We all know the Salem Witch Trials; in 1692 a peculiar madness overcame the Massachusetts town and culminated in the execution of nineteen people by hanging and one by pressing, crushed to death...