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February 20 2018

Vote for Your Favorite Harry Bosch Novel

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March 18 2016

Amazon’s Bosch: Echoes of Black

At the end of the first season of Bosch (Amazon Studios, based on the novels of Michael Connelly), we saw the main character—Hieronymus “Harry” Bosch (Titus Welliver)—staring...
August 6 2015

And Now, The Starting Lineup for Your Maltese Falcons!

An observation I had in my years working for Sports Illustrated: athletes and the heroes of crime fiction have much in common, but most simply this—a ruthless clarity of purpose and an ability...
April 2 2014

Amazon Picks Up Michael Connelly’s Bosch

Are you a fan of Michael Connelly's Hieronymous “Harry” Bosch? Well get ready for more! After testing the waters earlier this year with a pilot episode, Amazon Prime has ordered...
February 27 2013

Criminal Records: On a Crime Fiction Soundtrack

Just lately, I’ve been pondering the reasons behind my apparent predilection for all things crime fiction. As a kid, I remember staring with amazement at the covers of my Mother’s library...
May 2 2012

The Top Five Detectives You Wouldn’t Want on Your Tail

Sure, most of us aren’t the serial killers, jewel thieves, or mobsters we read about, but we still wouldn’t want anyone poking their noses into our business. Literature is filled with sleuths we...
December 1 2011

Alive and Kicking: Series That Hold Up

A few weeks ago my To Be Read pile had a Michael Connelly, a Jonathan Kellerman, and a Dick Francis (well, Felix Francis, at least) on the stack. As I looked at those spines I realized that despite...
November 16 2011

Fresh Meat: Michael Connelly’s The Drop

Harry Bosch has always been the lone wolf in Michael Connelly’s series, with the singular mission of catching murderers. He’s no superman, but he’s an insightful cop who doesn’t let office politics,...
September 29 2011

Death Brackets: Toughest Dicks vs. Baddest Thriller Heroes: Quarter Finals

And the tournament continues! This is our fourth Death Brackets post, and the suspense is horrible!  In the Intro, you met the contestants and learned the rules. During the First Round (Part 1...
September 28 2011

Death Brackets: Toughest Dicks vs. Baddest Thriller Heroes: First Round, Part 2

This is the third installment in our Death Brackets: Toughest Dicks vs Baddest Thriller Heroes.  In the intro, you learned the rules and met the contestants.  In Part 1 of the First...
September 26 2011

Death Brackets: The Contest and The Contestants

Mysteries and thrillers, by nature, are populated by tough guys. Detectives who hunt down serial killers. Spies who uncover dangerous traitors. Assassins who take out the worst bad guys on the planet...
April 30 2011

Only the Lawyers Know: Why Can’t I Have Harry?

Ever since I saw Michael Connelly play himself in a poker game on the amateur sleuth television show, “Castle,” I’ve been thinking he should have more Hollywood in his life. After...