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October 27 2016

The Grimmest of Fairy Tales

“There once was a man who lived a life so strange, it had to be true. Only he could see what no one else can—the darkness inside ... the real monster within ... and he’s the one...
October 24 2014

(Brain) Food for Worms: Halloween at Criminal Element

Don’t look now, but Halloween is just around the corner, and with it comes the one time each year where our morbid obsession with all things scary is celebrated! If you’re looking to...
September 25 2014

Fresh Meat: The Mythology of Grimm by Nathan Robert Brown

The Mythology of Grimm by Nathan Robert Brown is an encyclopedic comparison of Grimm, the TV series, to the classic fairy tales on which it's based (available September 30, 2014). Full Disclosure:...
November 4 2013

Fresh Meat: Grimm-The Icy Touch by John Shirley

Grimm- The Icy Touch by John Shirley is the first book in the paranormal mystery media tie-in series based on the show, Grimm (available November 5, 2013). I can’t tell you how geeked I was...
September 5 2012

Fall Television: What Will You Watch?

Back to school means the return of many of our favorite TV shows.  Major Crimes, Copper, and Grimm have already started, and we’ll have to wait until 2013 for BBC’s Sherlock, but plenty...
April 9 2012

Grimm Will Return, with a Wider Focus

According to the good folks over at Blastr, our favorite paranormal police procedural, Grimm, has been renewed for a second season and that season will allow some of the secondary characters a bigger...
January 7 2012

The Top Ten Action Mystery Clichés

As a huge fan of mysteries and thrillers, I am allowed to make fun of them. Just as as a blond Swede, it’s perfectly legal for me to tell blond or Swedish jokes. NO ONE WILL ARREST ME. Mysteries...
December 7 2011

A Grimm New Style of Paranormal Procedural

There were two huge volumes of Grimm’s Fairy Tales in my grade school library and by the fifth grade I’d started reading them cover to cover. These were dangerous stories, seeped in conflict and...
November 11 2011

Should I watch?: The Episode Two Test, Part 3

[note from CrimeHQ:  We’ve had our beady eyes on some of the new series like paranormal police procedural Grimm, Marine (turned terrorist?) versus CIA in thriller Homeland, and the kitchen...