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April 8 2016

Detection, Mid-Century Style: The Rise of the Cozy Mystery Genre

“My first case,” says Father Brown in The Mask of Midas, “was just a small private affair about a man’s head being cut off.” It’s not surprising that G.K....
March 6 2015

Literary Mysteries: The Enduring Riddle of Edwin Drood

On June 8, 1870, in the middle of composing the twelve part serial The Mystery of Edwin Drood, the story came to a jarring standstill when, after a long day's work on what would become his last...
March 2 2015

John Le Carré’s Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy: Smiley’s Reckoning

In 1974’s Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, we finally have an account of George Smiley as a full-fledged intelligence officer after thirteen years on the scene. In the first two novels of the series—Call...
Leslie Gilbert Elman
March 29 2014

Is this the Father Brown You Know?

Father Brown, the BBC series starring Mark Williams has been airing on select American Public Television stations. The show is as cozy as it can be—from the top of the parish church steeple...
March 11 2013

Re-Investigating Trent’s Last Case by E.C. Bentley

Funny how age changes your view of a book. I’m thinking specifically of Trent’s Last Case, the famous detective novel published in 1913 by E.C. Bentley, and how my view of it has flipped...
November 28 2012

Give Us This Day, Our Daily Sleuth: Clerical Sleuths, Part 2

When it comes to law and order in mysteries, the first thing I think of are police officers and private detectives. However, there are a number of professions that amateur sleuths claim as day...
November 16 2012

So Help Me God: Clergy as Amateur Sleuths

A little more than a year ago, I talked about the enduring Father Brown mystery stories by G.K. Chesterton. I was delighted so many Criminal Element readers admitted that they, too, were lifelong fans. For...
August 15 2011

G.K. Chesterton as cuddly as Father Brown?

If the somewhat befuddled-appearing, but very wise, Father Brown is your definition of cuddly, you’ll love this miniature G.K. Chesterton doll.  Uneek Doll Designs has a variety of cultural icons,...
August 12 2011

Japanese Fictional Crimes and Criminal Fictions

It is commonly said that truth is stranger than fiction, and while I won’t go quite that far, I have to admit that the truth can be quite strange at times. Criminals can be extremely creative, with...
July 28 2011

G.K. Chesterton and Father Brown

The first Father Brown short mystery, “The Blue Cross,” written by G. K. Chesterton, was published in 1910. The amateur sleuth was so popular that Chesterton wrote more than four dozen additional...