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June 15 2017

The Fall of the House of Knoedler

Knoedler & Company began in 1846 as the Manhattan outpost of the French printmaker Goupil et Cie. It was America’s first storefront art gallery; it predated the Metropolitan Museum of...
February 9 2017

Gray Market: Crime and the Art Market by Riah Pryor

Crime and the Art Market by Riah Pryor brings together the author’s direct experience from both fields to present an accessible, informative, and realistic overview of art crimes in...
July 20 2015

The Port of San Pedro: A New Noir Series

As undisputed fans of all things dark, chaotic, and deadly, it seems like it's our duty to bring to your attention The Port of San Pedro, an upcoming television series created by Cleo Valente. The...
June 11 2015

Orson Welles at 100: F for Fake (1973)

Every film that Orson Welles made was distinctively an Orson Welles movie. Even something like The Stranger, which was Welles’s one attempt to make a standard studio film, still ends up looking...
January 16 2015

Affordable and Thoughtful: The 21st Century Robot Forger

Robot forgery's been around for centuries now, really. Autopen machines to recreate signatures have existed since Thomas Jefferson began using one in 1804. This graceful robotic mannequin used to...
January 30 2014

Fresh Meat: Strange Bodies by Marcel Theroux

Strange Bodies by Marcel Theroux is a literary thriller featuring a psychiatric hospital, forgery, and an international conspiracy (available February 4, 2014). I had to sit here a long while after...
April 7 2012

Elizabeth Peters: Bliss Beyond the Mysteries of Egypt

Prolific author, historian, and MWA Grandmaster Elizabeth Peters, aka Barbara Michaels and also nonfiction’s Barbara Mertz, knows how to create a popular series. Her most famous is the one featuring...
July 20 2011

The Elegant Bribery and Daring Forgers of China

According to Antony Ou of OpenEconomy: “Apart from appreciation and investment, it might be an alien concept for laymen outside the Chinese system that one of the most essential functions of art...