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March 22 2016

What Literary Line Would Be on Your Headstone?

After you’ve read Anthony Franze’s piece on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s grave, comment on what literary line would be on your headstone for a chance to win a copy of Anthony’s...
Phil Hogan
January 15 2015

Six Obsessive Characters in Fiction

Sometimes it's love. Sometimes it's revenge. And sometimes it's the refusal to change. Obsession can hijack anyone, and Phil Hogan has compiled a list of six of the most obsessive characters...
May 6 2014

The Top Ten Favorite Books in America

According to a new Harris poll, The Bible has retained its place atop the list of America's favorite books. In fact, the second-ranked book, Gone with the Wind kept its spot for the second...
September 27 2011

The Mystery Of The Historical Literary Sleuth

While perusing the bookshelves in the mystery section of my local Barnes and Noble, I noticed an interesting trend, that of the Literary Sleuth. Mystery novels featuring Jane Austen, Dorothy Parker,...