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May 27 2017

Wolf on a String: New Excerpt

Benjamin Black
Wolf on a String by Benjamin Black is an historical crime novel that delivers both a mesmerizing portrait of a lost world and a riveting tale of intrigue and suspense (available June 6, 2017). Christian...
May 26 2017

Only the Dead Know Brooklyn: New Excerpt

Chris Vola
Only the Dead Know Brooklyn by Chris Vola is a tale about a vampire who must choose between love, revenge, and immortality (available May 30, 2017). Why not make yourself an “Only...
May 25 2017

Killing for You: New Excerpt

Keith Elliot Greenberg
Killing For You by Keith Elliot Greenberg is a shocking, authoritative account of a brutal double murder (available May 30, 2017). A KILLER PLOT Twenty-six-year-old actor Daniel Wozniak was...
May 24 2017

Blood of Tyrants: New Excerpt

Ken Shufeldt
Blood of Tyrants by Ken Shufeldt is a gripping political thriller that explores the devastating effects that unlimited political funding, if permitted, could produce (available May 30, 2017). Backed...
May 23 2017

Becoming Bonnie: New Excerpt

Jenni L. Walsh
Becoming Bonnie by Jenni L. Walsh is a debut historical novel and the untold story of how the wholesome Bonnelyn Parker became half of the infamous Bonnie and Clyde duo! Just in time for...
May 23 2017

Come Sundown: New Excerpt

Nora Roberts
Come Sundown by New York Times-bestselling author Nora Roberts is a novel of suspense, family ties, and twisted passions (available May 30, 2017). The Bodine ranch and resort in western Montana...
May 22 2017

Tom Clancy’s Op-Center: Dark Zone: New Excerpt

George Galdorisi and Jeff Rovin
In Dark Zone, a race-to-the-finish thriller in the New York Times-bestselling Tom Clancy's Op-Center series, the brutal murder of an undercover agent reveals a plot to incite a full-fledged war...
May 19 2017

The Fact of a Body: Audio Excerpt

Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich
Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich's The Fact of a Body audiobook is an intellectual and emotional thriller that offers listeners a different kind of murder mystery. Drawing on parallels...
May 18 2017

The Fact of a Body: New Excerpt

Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich
The Fact of a Body by Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich is a book not only about how the story of one crime was constructed—but about how we grapple with our own personal histories (available...
May 17 2017

Price of Duty: New Excerpt

Dale Brown
Price of Duty by Dale Brown is the 21st book in the Patrick McLanahan series, where the U.S. and its Western allies come under a diabolical Russian cyber warfare attack in this action-packed military...
May 17 2017

You Were Here: New Excerpt

Gian Sardar
You Were Here by Gian Sardar is a suspenseful debut novel about a woman haunted by nightmares and her grandmother's role in a doomed love triangle almost seventy years before. What...
May 16 2017

Perish the Day: New Excerpt

John Farrow
Perish the Day by John Farrow is the 3rd book in the Storm Murders Trilogy (available May 23, 2017). A co-ed is found murdered on campus, her body scarcely touched. The killer paid meticulous attention...
May 15 2017

G-Man: New Excerpt

Stephen Hunter
G-Man by Stephen Hunter is the latest installment in the bestselling Bob Lee Swagger series, which finds Bob uncovering his family’s secret tommy gun war with 1930s gangsters like John Dillinger...
May 13 2017

Two Lost Boys: New Excerpt

L. F. Robertson
Two Lost Boys by L. F. Robertson is a debut novel and a legal thriller that deals with the controversial subject of the death penalty (available May 16, 2017).  Janet Moodie has spent...
May 12 2017

The Run-Out Groove: New Excerpt

Andrew Cartmel
The Run-Out Groove by Andrew Cartmel is the 2nd book in the Vinyl Detective series. Read an excerpt from The Run-Out Groove by Andrew Cartmel, and then make sure to sign in and comment below...
May 12 2017

The Love Interest: New Excerpt

Cale Dietrich
The Love Interest by Cale Dietrich is a debut novel and an enthralling YA spy thriller (available May 16, 2017). There is a secret organization that cultivates teenage spies. The agents are called...
May 11 2017

Tower Down: New Excerpt

David Hagberg
Tower Down by David Hagberg is the 21st book in the Kirk McGarvey series (available May 16, 2017). A freelance killer, code-named Al-Nassar, “the Eagle,” blows the supports on a pencil...
May 10 2017

Shallow Grave: A Polis Books Twist

Alex Segura and Dave White
Acclaimed crime writers Alex Segura and Dave White pair up their series' characters—Pete Fernandez and Jackson Donne—in a thrilling crossover crime short story, Shallow Grave. What’s...
May 10 2017

The Finishing School: New Excerpt

Joanna Goodman
The Finishing School by Joanna Goodman is a suspenseful, provocative novel of friendship, secrets, and deceit, in which a successful writer returns to her elite Swiss boarding school to get to...
May 10 2017

Sticks and Bones: New Excerpt

Carolyn Haines
Sticks and Bones by Carolyn Haines is the 17th book in the Sarah Booth Delaney Mystery series (available May 16, 2017). Private investigator Sarah Booth Delaney and her friends are celebrating New...
May 9 2017

Incendiary: Audio Excerpt

Michael Cannell
Incendiary: The Psychiatrist, the Mad Bomber, and the Invention of Criminal Profiling by Michael Cannell details the search for a serial bomber who stalked the streets of 1950s New York. The race...
May 9 2017

The Last Iota: New Excerpt

Robert Kroese
Set in the world of The Big Sheep, The Last Iota by Robert Kroese delivers another dystopian adventure novel full of wit and intrigue (available May 9, 2017). The year is 2039, and Los Angeles is...
May 8 2017

It’s Always the Husband: New Excerpt

Michele Campbell
It's Always the Husband by by Michele Campbell is a suspenseful, absorbing novel that examines the complexities of friendship and will keep readers guessing right up to its shocking conclusion (available...
May 4 2017

The Good Assassin: New Excerpt

Paul Vidich
The Good Assassin by Paul Vidich is a suspenseful tale of Cold War espionage set in 1950s Cuba, where foreign powers compete to influence the outcome of a revolution. Former CIA Agent George...
May 2 2017

Silent Rain: New Excerpt

Karin Salvalaggio
Silent Rain by Karin Salvalaggio is the 4th book in the Macy Greeley Mystery series (available May 9, 2017). Grace Adams has spent three years trying to move on—mentally, physically, emotionally—from...
May 1 2017

Your Killin’ Heart: New Excerpt

Peggy O'Neal Peden
Your Killin’ Heart by Peggy O’Neal Peden is a witty debut full of Nashville charm and generous heart (available May 2, 2017). Contrary to popular belief, not everyone in Nashville...
April 28 2017

Love & Death in Burgundy: New Excerpt

Susan C. Shea
Love & Death in Burgundy by Susan C. Shea is an atmospheric mystery novel filled with good Chablis, French cheese, and of course, murder (available May 2, 2017). After three years of living...
April 27 2017

Incendiary: New Excerpt

Michael Cannell
Incendiary: The Psychiatrist, the Mad Bomber, and the Invention of Criminal Profiling by Michael Cannell details the search for a serial bomber who stalked the streets of 1950s New York. The race to...
April 26 2017

The Fallen: New Excerpt

Eric van Lustbader
The Fallen by Eric Van Lustbader is the 2nd book in the Testament series, which explores religion, politics, and civilization, plumbs the depths of morality, and finally asks us to consider what it...
April 25 2017

The Graves: New Excerpt

Pamela Wechsler
In The Graves, former prosecutor turned television writer Pamela Wechsler delivers a tense and enthralling Boston-set thriller about the intersection of power, privilege, and justice (available May...