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March 27 2018

Maureen Lindley Excerpt: The Beloveds

The Beloveds by Maureen Lindley is an exploration of domestic derangement, as sinister as Daphne Du Maurier’s classic Rebecca, that plumbs the depths of sibling rivalry with wit and menace (available...
February 8 2018

Mitch Silver Excerpt: The Bookworm

The Bookworm by Mitch Silver takes readers from a secret operation during World War II―with appearances by Noel Coward and Winston Churchill―to present day London and Moscow, where Lara Klimt, “the...
January 17 2018

Volker Kutscher Excerpt: Babylon Berlin

Babylon Berlin is the first book in the international-bestselling series from Volker Kutscher that centers on Detective Gereon Rath caught up in a web of drugs, sex, political intrigue, and murder in...
October 30 2017

Ellen Crosby Excerpt: The Vineyard Victims

The Vineyard Victims by Ellen Crosby is the eighth book in the Wine Country Mysteries series, where the death of a former presidential candidate in a fiery car crash at her Virginia vineyard has...
August 24 2017

Ali Land Audio Excerpt: Good Me Bad Me

Good Me Bad Me by Ali Land is a dark, compelling, voice-driven debut of psychological suspense (available September 5, 2017). Listen to an exclusive audio excerpt from Chapter 1 of Ali Land's...
August 24 2017

Linda Stasi Excerpt: Book of Judas

Book of Judas by Linda Stasi is a riveting religious thriller and the second book in the Alessandra Russo series (available September 19, 2017). If you're intrigued by reporter Alessandra Russo's...
May 16 2017

Cover Reveal: Watch Me by Jody Gehrman

Intense obsession... Illicit attraction... Watch Me by Jody Gehrman presents a world where what you desire may be the most dangerous thing of all (available January 23, 2018). Enjoy Crminal...
December 28 2016

The X-Files Origins: Agent of Chaos: New Excerpt

The X-Files Origins: Agent of Chaos by Kami Garcia tells the backstory of how Fox Mulder became a believer (Available January 3, 2017). In the spring of 1979, seventeen-year-old Fox Mulder has bigger...
December 5 2016

Read an Excerpt of Echoes in Death by J.D. Robb!

In anticipation of the upcoming release of J.D. Robb's 44th In Death novel, Echoes in Death (Available February 7, 2017), CrimeHQ is going to be embarking on quite a journey, reviewing every Eve...
July 6 2016

The Evil Next Door

I used to joke about my house in Saint Paul, Minnesota, telling people I could sit on the toilet, open the bathroom window, and hold hands with my neighbor who was doing the same thing from his bathroom....
June 22 2016

Let There Be Linda Blog Tour: Sneak Peak and Exclusive Q&A with Author Rich Leder

Let There Be Linda by Rich Leder is a black comic thriller that tells the tall tale of estranged brothers Mike and Dan Miller (Available July 1, 2016). Estranged brothers Mike and Dan Miller—accountant...
April 26 2016

A Killer Ball at Honeychurch Hall: New Excerpt

A Killer Ball at Honeychurch Hall by Hannah Dennison is the 3rd installment of the Honeychurch Hall Mystery series (Available May 3, 2016). When antique dealer Kat Stanford stumbles upon the partially...
January 21 2016

True Crime Thursday: Revisiting The Stranger She Loved

They say, “There's no such thing as the perfect murder.” Well, in the case of the murder of Michele MacNeill, her husband Martin would have pulled it off—if it weren’t...
January 12 2016

11 “Facts” About Lizzie Borden Debunked

Lizzie Borden took an axe, Gave her mother forty whacks. When she saw what she had done, She gave her father forty-one. If that’s everything you know about Lizzie Borden, nearly...
May 21 2015

True Crime Thursday: Running and Gunning through America

Police are often able to stop criminals before they go on the run, but every once in a while, a few fall through the cracks and a manhunt ensues. Case in point: a South Florida man's bounty...
March 22 2013

Heres Johnny! (Again): Stephen King shares an Excerpt from Doctor Sleep

Who doesn't remember The Shining? Whether it is the original 1977 Novel or the equally terrifying 1980 Stanley Kubrick film, we've all been... haunted by Stephen King's creation. I,...
November 27 2012

The Neighbors: New Excerpt

The Neighbors by Ania Ahlborn is a psychological suspense novel cum horror story about, as they say, what lies beneath (available November 27, 2012). Andrew Morrison sacrificed everything—his...
September 10 2012

Salvation of a Saint: Special Audio Excerpt of Chapter 2

Every Monday in September, we will be bringing you serialized audio excerpts from Keigo Higashino’s Salvation of a Saint. You can either click to stream and listen on your computer, or download...
September 3 2012

Salvation of a Saint: Special Audio Excerpt of Chapter 1

For the next few Mondays we will be bringing you serialized audio excerpts from Keigo Higashino’s Salvation of a Saint. You can either click to stream and listen on your computer, or download...
August 3 2012

The Twenty-Year Death by Ariel S. Winter: New Excerpt

The Twenty-Year Death by Ariel S. Winter (available August 7th) is a single book made up of three crime novels told across decades—from the years 1941, 1951, and 1961—each capturing the style and...
February 28 2012

Curses!: New Excerpt

I’m no hero. In fact, up until a couple of days ago, I was the villain. Kidnapped maidens, scared kids, stole magic tchotchkes—until I got into a little scrape with the union. Now I’m...
September 12 2011

The Sleepwalkers: First in Series Excerpt

During the final weeks of the Weimar Republic, a young woman washes up in the Havel River in picture-perfect Old Spandau. Bodies in rivers are hardly news in the chaos of 1932 Berlin, maddened by years...