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November 13 2017

Review: Turn on the Heat by Erle Stanley Gardner

Turn on the Heat by Erle Stanley Gardner is considered one of the best Cool and Lam novels in the acclaimed series, now made available from Hard Case Crime. Love old-school suspense yarns?...
December 2 2016

Review: The Knife Slipped by Erle Stanley Gardner

The Knife Slipped by Erle Stanley Gardner was meant to be the 2nd book in the Cool & Lam Mystery series but was shelved and subsequently lost for 75 years until Hard Case Crime got their hands on...
January 4 2016

The Dead Mountaineer’s Inn

In the late 1960s, Boris and Arkady Strugatsky, the most popular science fiction writers in Russia, decided to write a mystery novel. The Dead Mountaineer's Inn was published in 1970,...
May 20 2013

Lawyers on TV: The Case of the Vanishing Hero

At age nine, I became hooked on the legal/mystery series Perry Mason, then in its fourth year on CBS. The first episode of season 4 aired on September 17, 1960. Despite what the calendar said,...
April 24 2013

Secretaries’ (aka Administrative Professionals’) Day: Mystery Edition

Philip Marlowe might not have had a secretary, but Sam Spade knew better. Who else do you trust to bring you the dingus but your loyal secretary? Who else can you depend on to fend off inconvenient...
October 9 2011

Robert Downey Jr. as Perry Mason?

According to Variety, Robert Downey Jr. is teaming with Warner Brothers to star in a Perry Mason project to be set back in 1930’s L.A., a temptation for any director or cinematographer, I’d...
B. Kent Anderson
May 29 2011

The Department of Thrills

A crime is a crime, isn’t it? Well, jaywalking is a crime. (Though when was the last time you even heard that term used, much less heard of someone being cited for it.)  So is murder....
May 16 2011

George V. Higgins’ Eddie Coyle: Even Better than True

As a kid, I was never a big fan of crime fiction–I always associated it with my Aunt Doris, smoking Pall Malls and drinking Ballantine Ale while reading Perry Mason potboilers about spurious spinsters...