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March 21 2017

Which Season of Dexter Is Your Favorite?

Starring Michael C. Hall as a serial killer with a code, Dexter fascinated audiences for its full 8-season run. Each season distinctively pitted the vigilante against an array of villainous killers...
June 28 2016

How Would You Dispose of a Body?

Anyone can be a killer—but the disposal of a body can be a difficult task. Doing it successfully can mean the difference between freedom and a lifetime behind bars. There are several...
April 4 2016

Minimalist Dexter Poster

Blood. Sometimes it sets my teeth on edge, other times it helps me control the chaos. Everyone’s favorite serial killer, Dexter Morgan, liked to own a little bit of every person he killed,...
March 29 2016

Who Is Your Favorite TV Antihero?

Certain shows’ protagonists are not always the most honest, upstanding “heroes” that the good-guy-always-wins Hollywood has trained us to expect them to be. Some shows feature...
June 8 2015

The Ripliad: A Sexagennial with Patricia Highsmith’s Charming Monster

In 1955, the most notorious of Patricia Highsmith’s creations, Tom Ripley, entered her repertoire. Patricia Highsmith’s (1921–1995) debut novel in 1950 was Strangers on a Train,...
May 5 2013

So Bad They’re Good: Sympathizing with the Bad Guy

Deliciously complex, these characters are bad, sometimes even evil, but by showing us moments of goodness and their humanity we get sucked in to rooting for them. Don’t worry this isn’t...
February 8 2013

Florida, Ya Kill Me! More Crime Fiction from the Sunshine State

Snowing? Sleeting? Has it warmed up to the the upper thirties? (Or, you know, not-quite-four degrees for you Celsius types.) Wearing a scarf? Wearing pants? You need to get in a Florida state of...
November 29 2012

The Butler Did It: Mystery Novels, Adaptations, and the Question of Spoilers

In the past month or so, to much local acclaim, two Australian telemovies based on mystery novels by Golden Dagger-winner Peter Temple introduced an interested populace to former criminal lawyer and...
September 28 2012

Cupcakes and a Kill Table! The Sweet Science of Homeland and Dexter

Through the end of today, the Showtime Experience is taking over part of Grand Central Terminal and dedicating it to the sweet science behind Dexter and Homeland. Yesterday, some of us from CrimeHQ...
September 5 2012

Fall Television: What Will You Watch?

Back to school means the return of many of our favorite TV shows.  Major Crimes, Copper, and Grimm have already started, and we’ll have to wait until 2013 for BBC’s Sherlock, but plenty...
April 4 2012

Crime and Horror: Two Great Tastes that Taste Great Together

When a crime is committed a balance is upset and with that comes a sense of unease and perhaps even dread, especially if the perpetrator of the crime renains at large. It’s like a monster has been...
March 30 2012

Quirky Does It: TV’s Current Crop of Off-Kilter Cops (and Consultants)

It’s funny to think that not too many years ago, TV was filled with straight-up police procedurals. They had always been with us, of course, going back to Dragnet (generally regarded as Hollywood’s...
October 27 2011

Ned Flanders IS Dexter Morgan

There’s just something irresistible about re-making the opening credits of Dexter. And in this year’s “Halloween Treehouse of Horror XXII,” airing October 30th, The Simpsons...
September 27 2011

Death Brackets: Toughest Dicks vs. Baddest Thriller Heroes: First Round, Part 1

If you’re not up to speed on the concept and the competitors, here’s where we set the rules and the brackets. Eight of the world’s best detectives versus eight spies, assassins and anti-heroes...
September 26 2011

Death Brackets: The Contest and The Contestants

Mysteries and thrillers, by nature, are populated by tough guys. Detectives who hunt down serial killers. Spies who uncover dangerous traitors. Assassins who take out the worst bad guys on the planet...
September 26 2011

Dexter Splatters with Saul

Are you a Saul Bass fan?  How could you not be, since the graphic designer’s film title sequences have been wowing people since now-classics like Psycho, Vertigo, and North by Northwest? ...
July 14 2011

Emmy Nominations! Dexter, Justified, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and More!

Nominations for this year’s Emmys have just been announced; included of CriminalElement note are: Dexter for Outstanding Drama Series Michael C. Hall (Dexter) for Oustanding Lead Actor...
July 7 2011

Dexter, Casey, and the Dark Heart of the Interweebs

The meme about TV’s favorite vigilante that’s spread like wildfire within the pitch-black heart of the twitterverse and the interweebs:
June 29 2011

Everybody Loves Dexter

Here is a teaser trailer for Dexter season 6. I’m going warn you, it is a teaser, so it lacks the meaty goodness that we all know Dex brings to the kill room, er… table. The question is, what is...