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September 4 2017

Twin Peaks: The Return Season Finale Review: Parts 17 and 18

Part 17: “The past dictates the future.” The penultimate episode begins with Gordon Cole (David Lynch) revealing to Albert (Miguel Ferrer) and Tammy (Chrysta Bell) a secret he has...
August 28 2017

Twin Peaks: The Return Review: Parts 14, 15, and 16

Part 14: “We Are Like the Dreamer” Heaps of reveal in this surreal saturated episode, although certain junctions are far from satisfactory. What works: David Bowie, once again,...
August 7 2017

Twin Peaks: The Return Review: Parts 11, 12, and 13

Part 11: “There’s Fire Where You Are Going” Some boys playing catch see Miriam Sullivan (Sarah Jean Long) crawling out of the woods after being left for dead by Richard Horne...
July 17 2017

Twin Peaks: The Return Review: Parts 8, 9, and 10

Part 8: “Gotta Light?” Hard to convey the vibe this reviewer got from experiencing a seminal moment in television history without coming across as an awestruck fanboy. So, what...
June 19 2017

Twin Peaks: The Return Review: Parts 5, 6, and 7

Part 5: “Case Files” In prison, Bad Coop (Kyle MacLachlan), observing his reflection, flashes back a quarter of a century to The Great Northern Hotel where he had smashed his head...
May 29 2017

Twin Peaks: The Return Review: Parts 3 and 4

If there was one thing that stood out in this week’s episodes, it was those regurgitation scenes. Ay, dios mio! More than once as Special Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) is passing...
May 22 2017

Twin Peaks: The Return Review: Parts 1 and 2

Ahead of David Lynch’s revival, I went back and binged on the original series, interested to know if it would still capture me like it did 27 years ago. I was only a few years older than...
March 28 2014

Twin Peaks Rewatch: Episode 8: The Last Evening

While Twin Peaks is a web of contradictions—combining as it does comedy and horror, “high” art and “low” art, pathos and irony—its central contradiction really...
March 24 2014

Twin Peaks Rewatch: Episode 7: Realization Time

Let us now praise Audrey Horne. When we were first introduced to the pretty high school senior played by Sherilyn Fenn, she seemed to be perfectly in sync with the weirdness of her town: disengaged,...
March 21 2014

Twin Peaks Rewatch: Episode 6: Cooper’s Dream

Here’s something that has become increasingly clear to me by the sixth episode of this show. No one on Twin Peaks is what they seem. In many ways, of course, I began watching the show with...
March 17 2014

Twin Peaks Rewatch: Episode 5: The One-Armed Man

It’s time to talk about Invitation to Love. Throughout the first four episodes of Twin Peaks, I’ve been seeing this cheesy soap opera in the background. At first, it was easy to dismiss...
March 14 2014

Twin Peaks Rewatch: Episode 4: Rest in Pain

The trick of a show that continues one long, evolving storyline is to slowly—even teasingly—advance the main plot (Who Killed Laura Palmer?) while delivering enough episode-by-episode...
March 10 2014

Twin Peaks Rewatch: Episode 3: Zen, or the Skill to Catch a Killer

 And here we go. This is the episode where I discover I’m really in Twin Peaks, ensconced fully in David Lynch. I’ll give a brief rundown of some of the episode particulars and the...
March 7 2014

Twin Peaks Rewatch: Episode 2: “Traces to Nowhere”

After the pilot episode of the series set up the town and the central mystery of homecoming queen Laura Palmer’s murder, the first regular episode, “Traces to Nowhere,” begins to expand...
March 3 2014

Twin Peaks Rewatch: Series Premiere: “Northwest Passage”

Thirty seconds into the show, and already I’m smiling. The theme music by Angelo Badalamenti is a slow, sugary mix of synth and strings that’s, well, goofy. Along with the green neon credits,...
February 27 2014

Let’s Rewatch Twin Peaks for the First Time

How have I managed to go this long without seeing a series as heralded as Twin Peaks, a show that pretty much defines the notion of “cult television,” a show by one of the oft proclaimed...
January 11 2013

Twin Peaks: The Return of Agent Cooper?

In the past week or so, there have been rampant rumors on various websites suggesting that cult classic Twin Peaks may be returning in some form. David Lynch has denied a much talked of potential...
November 6 2011

The Show from Another Place: Twin Peaks and Grief

Since we’re wrapping up X-tober I wanted to take a look back at Twin Peaks, one of the biggest influences on The X-Files. The similarities between Twin Peaks and The X-Files are easy to spot....