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March 16 2018

Like Stealing Candy from... “Gumball Bandit” Steals Large Gumball Machine from Sacramento Animal Shelter

Apparently, it’s easier to steal candy from a baby than it is from puppies and kittens. A man in Sacramento, CA, broke into a local animal shelter by busting a small window near the door...
March 9 2018

Robbery with a Chance of Meatballs: Man Steals Meatballs & Gets Caught Red-Handed

According to, police were called to a residence in the Hazle Township of Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, on a suspected robbery—the contraband: a pot of meatballs. The victim...
February 23 2018

How to Lose the Cops in 10 Days: Suspected Car Thief Tries to Convince Police He’s Matthew McConaughey

When police officers in Georges Township, PA, got a call about a suspicious man prowling around outside, they knew this was their chance to be true detectives. When they arrived on the scene, however,...
February 16 2018

Shotgun Blues: Man Gets Ticketed for Driving in the HOV Lane with Mannequin as Passenger

Traffic sucks. We all wish we could just scoot over that solid white line into the HOV lane and cruise all the way home. Well, someone in Canada must have been watching Lars and the Real Girl and...
February 9 2018

Ice Cream Man Attacks Rival with a Shovel for Encroaching on His Territory

Bah Gawd! That’s Mr. Tastee’s music! And he’s got a shovel!! According to The Independent, a cold-blooded assault took place in Middlesex, UK, when an ice cream man assaulted...
February 2 2018

Condiment Crazy: Man Yells “I’ll Go to (Expletive) Jail Over Some Barbecue Sauce!” and Does

What’s better: Waffle House or prison food? Depends. Does Waffle House have any BBQ sauce? This hard-hitting question led Willie Edward Drake, 43, to favor three hots and a cot over...
January 26 2018

Woman Sneaks onto International Flight ... Again

Marilyn Hartman used to think that she could not go on. Just idly going about life like it was nothing but an awful song. But some people are just meant for traveling—like it was the meaning...
January 19 2018

Man Attempts to Pay for Drink at Domino’s Pizza with Marijuana

What is money, exactly? Back in the day, before coins and cash and credit cards, we used to exchange goods and services based on perceived value. A bucket of corn for a day’s work. Two potatoes...
January 12 2018

Military Joyride: Man Steals Tank, Crashes through Store Window, Steals Bottle of Wine

Let’s play a game: Russia or Florida? Recently, a drunk man stole a tank from a military base, drove it through the streets, crashed it through a grocery store, got out of the tank, walked...
January 5 2018

How Stella Got His Friend’s Back: Man Drinks 20 Pints of Stella, Sticks Up for Friend, Bites Man on Leg

I often get hungry when I drink, but I’m happy to report that I’ve never tried to bite another man’s leg. In Hull—a port city in East Yorkshire, England—a man...
December 22 2017

It’s Flue Season: Bad Santa Gets Stuck in the Chimney

Looks like bad Santa had too many cookies before trying to come down the chimney this year… According to Daily Mail, in Citrus Heights, California, Jesse Alan Berube, 32, tried to make...
December 15 2017

“Burger King” Arrested for Drunk Driving

Sometimes royalty just wants a chance to mingle with the common folk. Princess Jasmine traveled outside the castle walls in an attempt to flee their prison-like confinement. Prince...
December 8 2017

Two Lovers Against the Law

True love is hard to quantify. What would you do if the girl you loved was locked up each night, secured in her prison by lock and key? Would you work out a plan to break her out, to steal her...
December 1 2017

Burglars Attempt to Break into Home Being Investigated for a Break-In

Looks like someone forgot to check the burglar master schedule. In Charlotte, North Carolina, three burglars attempted to break into a home that was currently being investigated by cops for...
November 17 2017

Man Flees Police, Hides Under the Covers, Claims He’s “Just Sleeping”

When you're a kid, what's the safest place of which you can think? In bed, under the covers—nothing can hurt you there. But does that work when you're an adult?  According...
November 10 2017

Armed Robber Hands Out Stolen Pastries During Heist

You can be a bad guy without being a bad guy.  Armed robbers in Houston, Texas, walked into a Shipley Do-Nuts and demanded the money from the cash register. Faces covered, one of the robbers...
November 3 2017

Car Thief Leaves Behind His Wallet

A car thief left behind the one thing he should not have. According to KY3 News, a hospital worker walked out to the parking lot after a long day only to learn that her car was nowhere in sight....
October 27 2017

Naked Burglar Eats Pineapples

When you think of home burglary, you might picture someone dressed in all black stealing your jewelry in the middle of the night. Well, forget that mental image for this one and be prepared for...
October 21 2017

Evil Clowns, Pants Full of Meat, Airlines Passenger Pees on Seatmate, and more: The Bullet List

These are some of the more interesting, weird, and crazy true crime related stories from the past week (10/15/17 - 10/21/17): Selfie Stick-Wielding Boy Beats Back “Evil Clown” Intoxicated...
October 20 2017

Florida Man Googled “How to Rob a Bank” Before Robbing a Bank

These days, you can Google just about anything, but there are some things you probably shouldn’t. Like “How to rob a bank.” Especially if you’re actually going to rob a...
October 14 2017

Angry Man, Googling Bank Robbing, Hungry Thief, and more: The Bullet List

These are some of the more interesting, weird, and crazy true crime related stories from the past week (10/07/17 - 10/14/17): Man Told OIA Employee He Had To Get Bag Checked In “Before...
October 13 2017

Man Arrested for 28th DUI

Most of us strive to be the best at something while we are on this planet. Some want to be the best baseball player. Others might want to be the best at eating hot dogs. This week's perp derp...
October 7 2017

Pirate Arrested, Drunk Mayor, Teen Steals Cop Car, and more: The Bullet List

These are some of the more interesting, weird, and crazy true crime related stories from the past week (09/30/17 - 10/06/17): Knoxville Man Dressed As Pirate Arrested For Burglary Florida...
October 6 2017

Drug Dealer Mistakenly Texts Police

Raise your hand if you have ever messed up and sent a text message to the wrong person by mistake? If you could see me right now, you would notice I have both hands up—way up. However, this...
September 30 2017

Inmates Sneak Back In, Banana Rage, Halloween Display, and more: The Bullet List

These are some of the more interesting, weird, and crazy true crime related stories from the past week (09/25/17 - 09/30/17): Bungling Drug Dealer Used Fake Police Lights To Get To Court Cocoa...
September 29 2017

Man Breaks Into Home to Sleep

Sometimes perp derps are just so hot and tired from the blazing sun that they need to rest—even if that means breaking into someone else’s house to do it. According to the Palm...
September 23 2017

Bacon Leads to Arrest, Unlucky Robber, Dead Man Burglar, and more: The Bullet List

These are some of the more interesting, weird, and crazy true crime related stories from the past week (09/17/17 - 09/23/17): Snatched Bacon Leads To Waffle House Arrest Unlucky...
September 22 2017

Drunk Man Calls 911 for Lift Home

When you are way too drunk to drive home, who do you call? A friend? Uber? The Ghostbusters? This week's perp derp decided against all of those and instead dialed 911. Brilliant! According...
September 16 2017

Duct Taping Student, Lady Pulls Gun at Walmart, Panda-Costume Wearing Theft, and more: The Bullet List

These are some of the more interesting, weird, and crazy true crime related stories from the past week (09/09/17 - 09/16/17): Man Charged With Robbing Magazine Salesman At Gunpoint Police...
September 8 2017

Brute’s Loot Escapes via Poop Chute

Police in Ocala, Florida, may have found their goose that laid the golden egg. According to the New York Post, after pulling over Pattreon Stokes, 26, for speeding, cops smelled marijuana and found...