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Lori Rader-Day
March 9 2018

Murder and Mayhem in Chicago: Conference Co-Founders Lori Rader-Day and Dana Kaye Discuss Chicago’s Vibrant Crime Fiction Scene

We're thrilled to welcome Lori Rader-Day and Dana Kaye to CrimeHQ as they discuss the upcoming Murder and Mayhem in Chicago crime fiction conference.  Lori Rader-Day: When you...
January 26 2018

Woman Sneaks onto International Flight ... Again

Marilyn Hartman used to think that she could not go on. Just idly going about life like it was nothing but an awful song. But some people are just meant for traveling—like it was the meaning...
May 25 2016

An Interview with Louise Penny

Although we all have to patiently wait until August 30th for Louise Penny’s upcoming Inspector Gamache novel, A Great Reckoning, that doesn’t mean we can’t fan the flames and add to...
April 26 2016

H.H. Holmes “Murder Castle” Jigsaw Puzzle

In 1886, H.H. Holmes constructed what would become his “Murder Castle” in Chicago, just prior to the World’s Fair. This block-long hotel featured doors leading to brick walls, stairs...
January 26 2015

Lowdown Calendar: More of 2015’s Mystery Conventions

We've already highlighted 5 of the biggest mystery fan conventions of 2015, but lucky for us, there are tons more great conferences happening all over, including regional or specialty crime fiction...
September 29 2014

Boardwalk Empire 5.04: “Cuanto”

“Cuanto,” the fourth episode of the season, starts with a revealing flashback. Summer is over and the Commodore dismisses Nucky (but not before Nucky sees both the Commodore’s...
September 15 2014

Boardwalk Empire 5.02: “The Good Listener”

At the end of last week’s stellar season premiere, Nucky’s new bodyguard slices the ear off of a would-be assassin. Episode Two, “The Good Listener,” continues this auricular...
September 9 2014

Boardwalk Empire 5.01: Season Premiere “Golden Days for Boys and Girls”

Season 4 of Boardwalk Empire was both its most satisfying and gloomiest season to date. A host of new characters and plotlines were introduced, allowing the show to avoid the pattern of having...
June 13 2014

Fresh Meat: Protectors, Inc.: Volume 1 by J. Michael Straczynski

Protectors Inc. Volume 1 by J. Michael Straczynski, Gordon Purcell, and Michael Atiyeh is a superhero comic series where superheroes are rented out to the highest bidder (available June 17, 2014). In...
February 24 2014

Chicago P.D.: Dick Wolf’s New Dynasty?

With Chicago P.D., executive producer Dick Wolf may have the beginnings of a new dynasty on his hands, this time set in The Windy City instead of New York. Spun-off from the surprise success of...
February 13 2014

7 Deadly Books Hitting Screens in 2014

Immersing yourself in a good read and getting the opportunity to personally envision what the characters look like, imagine the setting and fill in the intricate details of the plot is an unmatched...
July 27 2013

Lost Classics of Noir: Ride the Pink Horse by Dorothy B. Hughes

Power corrupts. We know this, right? Willis Douglass, one of the main characters from Ride the Pink Horse— Dorothy B. Hughes’s superb 1946 work of noir fiction—embodies the maxim....
April 17 2013

Fresh Meat: Penance by Dan O’Shea

Penance by Dan O’Shea is a debut novel set in Chicago about political corruption, police detectives, and scores that must be settled (available April 30, 2013). On its face, Penance by...
February 21 2013

Still Stalking Kolchak

It was January 11, 1972.  A made-for-TV movie debuted on ABC that would turn out to be the highest rated to date. This movie was The Night Stalker and it was America’s introduction to the...
December 21 2012

Thank You, Father Andrew M. Greeley

Recently I wrote about Roman Catholic priests and nuns who entertain us as amateur sleuths. And I freely admitted that my favorite clergy/sleuth of all fictiondom is Father John Blackwood Ryan, of “Call...
August 28 2012

The Revival House: Running Scared (1986)

Shining a light on underrated crime films. The coulda beens and shoulda beens you ought to know about. Tonight’s Screening: Running Scared (1986) This one will be a little different because...
February 3 2012

Conference Season is Here Again: Love is Murder!

If you couldn’t tell from all of our award nominee announcements over the past few weeks, conference season 2012 has arrrived in force. There’s the biggie, of course, Bouchercon, but that’s not...
September 1 2011

Do Not Disturb: Hotels for Crime and Writing

Hotels all over the world play their electrifying part in crime stories. Agatha Christie, for example, liked hotels.  The mistress of crime penned Hercule Poirot’s adventure Murder on the...